Unique and useful, this promotional gel eye mask proves to be an excellent promotional item for the cosmetics industry. Vibrant fruity designs are ideal for summer promotions/seasonal campaigns and they appeal to the younger audience and beauty enthusiasts. Because it can be used on a daily basis, the product further exposes brand to customers.

Getting Ready for Seasonal Campaigns with Promotional Gel Eye Mask

Getting Ready for Seasonal Campaigns with Promotional Gel Eye Mask

Designing a Promo Eye Mask for Seasonal Campaigns

Great for seasonal campaigns, using designs that resonate with the occasion is a smart move. For instance, using advent designs for Christmas, quirky prints for Halloween, and bright colors for summer. This is because people are more compelled to purchase trending products.

When designing such promotional items, it is important to consider the industry you are using this for. High end brands call for premium quality design and materials.

Functionality is also another consideration. Is it going to be a beauty product or something to be used for sleeping?

These Eye masks have straps to keep them from falling so that customers can enjoy the relaxing effect of the product even when they are sitting up straight. This can be refrigerated and reused when needed. For product innovations, don’t hesitate to speak with our Mindsparkz team.

Because this product is practical, relatively easy to manufacture, and can provide excellent brand positioning, we feel this will be great as gift with purchase or customer incentive with product subscription or for buying a certain amount of beauty products. One of the brands that successfully pulled off a campaign using eye mask is Kit Kat.

It’s a sleeping eye mask but customers can use it for when they take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Product was available for every purchase of a bag of Kitkat. Read on the blog to know how they were able to effectively use the mask for marketing.

What makes this promotional gel eye mask so cool?

Getting Ready for Seasonal Campaigns with Promotional Gel Eye Mask

Getting Ready for Seasonal Campaigns with Promotional Gel Eye Mask

  • Customizable: As per the brand requirements, the gel eye masks can be customized in shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Vibrant Designs: The different designs in different colours attract youngsters as well as women, who love to take care of their skin. Aside from the beauty industry, this is also a wonderful giveaway for spa, hotel, and the food industry. Product designers can create fruit, vegetable, or other food shapes to make them look more visually appealing.
  • Brings Comfort: Designed to bring comfort, this gel eye mask gives your brand a better image. With this, customers will feel like you care for their well-being, and as a result, will see your brand in a more positive light.

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