Promotional facial mask and wipes were given away at Cosmoprof Asia fair. Not only are they practical, but they are also branded. The promise of having beautiful skin piqued our interest. However, we are more curious as to how it can benefit business promotions.

Cosmoprof Asia is a prestigious trade show dedicated to the beauty supply chain. Suppliers and business owners gather to learn about the newest trend in the beauty sector. One of the participating companies gave away facial masks and wipes as a trade fair souvenir.

Distributed in handy packaging, promotional facial mask and wipes help to revitalize and rehydrate dry and tired-looking skin – making it a great marketing gift at conferences, meetings and trade shows.

Promotional Mask and Wipes

Promotional Mask and Wipes

Here are the advantages of promotional facial mask and wipes:

  • Convenience – No mess, simple, quick and easy to use. Trade show visitors can keep the packet in their bags or jeans pocket.
  • Energizes, refreshes and detoxifies the face skin – Walking around the venue can be tiring and this could affect your overall appearance. Pamper your skin and wipe away the tiredness with a tissue wipe. This can also be used to remove makeup after walking around the venue.
  • Perceived value with RRP from US$2.
  • Easy to carry – Very light and in a sealed packet. This makes it convenient to carry around. Recipients were really delighted to have received something as useful as this product.
  • Suitable for both men and women – This means greater market reach as it targets a wide range of customers.
  • Protection from Illness-Causing Bacteria and Viruses – Picture this, your hands are sweaty and dirty but you cannot wash your hands because there is no water. or you are just to lazy to walk to the wash room. You do not want to go around shaking other people’s hands while your hands are dirty, right? This is where wipes come in handy.


Similar Products to Give Away at Events

Aside from promotional facial mask and wipes, consider the following branded merchandise to give away at trade shows, sporting events, music fests, and charity events.

1.Eye Masks – Lack of sleep can have many adverse effects on your health. For people who have trouble sleeping, an eye mask can help stimulate sleep as they block the light and improves the production of melatonin, a chemical in the brain that causes people to sleep.


2. Special Gel Eye Masks – These eye masks make great promotional gifts for the beauty and cosmetics industry. The skin under our eyes are really sensitive. When you are stressed out or dehydrated, they show in your eyes. gel eye masks can help reduce the puffiness, dark circles, as well as make them look energized.


3. Tissue Wipes – Too lazy to stand from your seat to hit the washroom? Having tissue wipes in handy to-go cup is what you need!


What Can Be Improved?

Appearance is everything when it comes to promotional products. With that said, we believe the packaging can be further customized to your ideal design and company’s logo. This way, customers will be exposed to your brand as long as they use your custom promotional merchandise.

ODM also introduced other similar promotional products as giveaways at such events. One good example is the hand sanitizer spray pen, which allows users to sanitize their hands wherever they go.

If you are looking to use promotional facial mask and wipes to increase your event turnout or just to augment your guerilla marketing, then get in touch with our team right away. ODM can help you design and source effective promotional items for trade show marketing, in-store advertising, and outdoor promotions.

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