Check out these excellent in-store advertising idea by Panda and Double Happiness cigarettes, two of the leading cigarette brands in China. Their impressive POS displays and packaging are custom-made to reflect the quality and history of their brand.

In-Store Advertising

In-Store Advertising

What we love about their in-store advertising is that they were grounded to the Chinese culture and their brand history. From the shelves and display cases, to the panda stuffed toys and product packaging, both brands did great in showcasing their products in a distinctive way. These Custom POP displays are meaningful and impactful.

If you want to boost your conversation and drive brand performance, here are 7 in-store advertising ideas we learned from these brands.

In-Store Advertising – How Can Meaningful Designs Help Your Campaign?

POS Displays

1.Builds Trust: When people see that your brand resonates with their culture or way of life, they will feel that you value and appreciate them. If customers can identify with your brand message, they will be more inclined to trust and support your brand. In our example, we can see that the brand is grounded to their culture. We can see Pandas, bamboo graphics, as well as colors with lucky meanings.

2. Upholds Quality: Panda is among the most popular cigarette brands in China. As such the use of a custom POS display for all of their cigarette variants is a great way to distinguish themselves from other brand. So, if you want to differentiate your brand, make sure that your custom in-store display reflects the quality of your brand.

In-Store Advertising

In-Store Advertising

3. Keeps Shoppers Interested: Double Happiness Capsule Cigarettes’ point of sale marketing shows how their brand is keeping up with modern trends. The abstract details represent the tall buildings in the metro and in a way reflect their packaging. Thus creating a modern and unified design. The large cup of coffee is also a great addition to the display. But how does a cup of coffee relate to cigarette marketing? Well, for one cigarettes and coffee go together. Both are stimulants and many people drink a cup of coffee with a cigarette and many people believe it is a good combination.


Custom Retail Packaging

4. Cool Graphic Design Ideas: We personally love the packaging of these brands. Panda cigarette’s packaging comes in different colors for each variant. Moreover, their mascot panda is printed on each box. This helps in creating a better brand remembrance as customers will certainly associate the cute animal to their brand.


In-Store Advertising

In-Store Advertising

5. Modern Designs: The packaging design for Double Happiness capsule cigarettes gives of  a modern appeal that appeals to their target market. Double Happiness, manufactured by Shanghai Tobacco Corporation, was launched in 1906, but their new packaging for their capsule cigarette sows how much the brand has evolved over the years.



6. Interesting Props Stimulates Brand Remembrance: A cup of coffee and your favorite cigarette is a delicious way to start your day. That is what these brands want to convey in their merchandising display. The addition of the coffee cup replica compels shoppers to think of its connection to the products being sold so that the next time they see or hear of Double Happiness they’ll remember the display. For this reason, you should consider the brand message you want to convey and what relevant items you should include in your display. Here’s a good example by T.M Lewin. Read on to learn why we love this promotional campaign:

7. Plush Mascot Makes the Brand More Personable: Mascots lend your brand a “face” helping your brand become more recognizable. They also help bring your brand closer to your target audience by creating emotional connections. And in this example, we love how Panda used a real panda plush toy in their display. It was eye-catching and engaging as well. It was remarkable and very fun to look at.


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