Shelf talkers are an indispensable part of in-store promotions. You see them attached on virtually every shelf in the supermarket. Colorful and attention-grabbing, they give shoppers a quick sales pitch at the point of sale. In this blog, we will take a look at Pears Baby Cream’s in-store display ideas. We spotted these eye-catching shelf marketing displays at a supermarket in Sri Lanka.

In-Store Display Ideas

In-Store Display Ideas

One of the displays is a shelf wobbler and the other one is a shelf banner. Both have been effective in promoting their products. Because they protrude from the shelf, they immediately caught our attention. Despite the emergence of more high-end POS displays, custom shelf talkers and wobblers stood the test of time.

But how can a custom shelf talker help your in-store marketing strategy? Is it worth every penny spent? In this blog, we will explain why shelf talkers should be part of your marketing strategy.


What Makes Pears Baby Cream’s In-Store Display Ideas Work

Creates Immediate Call-to-Action

In a crowded shelf, it is important to command attention right from the start. Shelf wobblers, talkers, and banners contain information about the product that is not usually found in the packaging. Some customers may be too busy to really read the small prints in your packaging so these in-store displays are a great way to communicate your brand message in a straightforward manner.



You can see from the shelf banner that the baby cream provides 24-hour lasting moisturization, it is dermatologically tested and it has neutral PH. These are crucial information that customers are looking for.



Shelf talkers and wobblers do not take up large space which is why they are ideal for limited floor space. They enable marketing managers to fully utilize their shelf space while creating maximum visibility for their products.

In-Store Display Ideas

In-Store Display Ideas


Help Customers Find a Certain Product

Visibility is one of the reasons marketing managers use point of purchase displays. With so many products on the shelf, customers may find it hard to locate a certain product. This is where shelf advertising displays come in handy. That is also the reason why we were able to find this product in the first place.



These in-store display ideas require very little to manufacture. As such, they are the perfect in-store advertising solution for companies with very limited marketing budget. They are also ideal for seasonal promotions and short promotional runs. Cardboard is often the material of choice for wobblers as they are inexpensive and absorbs ink really well.


Ease of Installation

You do not need special tools to install a shelf wobbler and custom shelf banners and they are also easy to replace. You can remove the banner and clip on a new one when it is time to replace them.


Drives Impulse Purchase

One of the reasons these in-store display ideas are so effective is that they drive impulse purchase and repeat buys. They push the products at the point of purchase, thereby making them more visible to customers. Highlighting the brand tells shoppers that they “need” it, creating an emotional bond that pushes customers to make additional purchase or repeat buys.


When and How to Use these In-Store Display Ideas


In addition to wobblers, shelf talkers, and shelf banners, there are also other excellent in-store display ideas that you should consider for your next brand campaign and here are some of them. to Here are 10 more display ideas to aid brand conversation!


Other In-Store Display Ideas to Boost Your Business!

1.LED Point of Sale Display – Stand out from the rest and give your brand a chance to compete in its product category with a LED-lighted shelf. Here’s a fine example:


2. Themed displays – Timely and profound, we find these lunar new year displays really engaging and interesting.


3. Promotional Balloons – Cost effective and really eye-catching, balloons have a unique way of luring customers in. Here’s how promotional balloons were used to promote Black Friday sales in Vietnam.


4. Interactive POS display – Interactive point of sale displays are gaining popularity nowadays because of the unique shopping experience it gives customers.


5. Video Marketing – Whether you want to improve your event turnout or want to gain more attention in-store, video marketing displays are a great way to boost engagement.


6. Holographic Advertising Display – Enhance your in-store advertising with a holographic display. Eye-catching and entertaining, there are so many things you can do with this device.


7. Floor Displays – Johnnie Walker shows how important floor displays are in marketing drinks.


8. Hangsell Displays – Hangsell displays are among our favorite marketing tools because they are flexible in terms of design and are space-saving. Find out how they can help drive impulse purchase.


9. Counter Displays – Another point of sale display that every marketing manager should have in their store. Here are some excellent examples:


10. Mascots and Plush Toys – Not only do mascots and plush toys provide entertainment but they also serve as the face of your company.



We Can Help!

So, were you inspired by these brilliant in-store display ideas? Boost your in-store promotions with beautiful, meaningful, and functional point of sale displays tailor-made for your company. ODM and Mindsparkz are here to help you brainstorm, design, and manufacture effective in-store display ideas that suit your brand image. Send us an email so we can get started with your next project! we have years of experience in the promotional product industry so you can rely on us for top-notch marketing and design services.

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