The Future of Advertising: Holographic Advertising Display

Step up your marketing game this year with a holographic advertising display! The advent of hologram technology has changed the advertising landscape and as marketers we need to keep up with the trend in order to boost our brand. Hologram advertising is definitely new but with its ability to project high-quality visual content is what makes it a very good addition to your marketing mix.

Holographic Advertising Display

Holographic Advertising Display

Features and Benefits of Holographic Advertising Display:

Keep your brand front and center with a hologram LED display. Perfect for outdoor and indoor settings, this type of advertising strategy will highlight your brand in a way that marketing LED displays and other 2D displays can’t.

Holographic projectors use laser and electron holography to project high-quality vivid displays. The display fan refracts light and projects ghost like images. But is hologram display advertising right for you? So, before you decide, we present to you its features and benefits.

  • Crisp 3D Display – This means enhanced visuals for your merchandise display for in-store and outdoor advertising.
  • Content: Often a holoprojector can read and play almost any type of media format such as mp4, avi, rmvb, mkv, gif, jpg, and png. This is great if you want your displays to be more captivating and engaging.
  • Wi-Fi Ready: Many holoprojectors are wi-fi ready. This means, when you take a photo or record a video with your phone, you just have to connect to the device and play it for customers to see.
  • SD Functionality: No wi-fi in the area? An SD functionality allows merchandisers to play their content even without wi-fi or bluetooth.
  • OS Support: Holographic devices can even support various operating systems such as Android, Windows, and iOS. The flexibility and versatility of this device allows marketers to play files from different devices on demand.

Here’s a video of how the holographic LED fan display works:


Application of Hologram Display Advertising

To achieve great results, here are some tips that can help you maximize the potential of this amazing device.

Increase Booth Traffic

  • Ideal for trade show marketing, a hologram display can show the best features of your products, what they can do and its benefits without the aid of your marketing staff. You only have to have all the marketing materials ready.

Create Luxurious Imagery for High-End Products

  • More high-end products such as jewelries, houses, cars, need to be presented in a way that will really appeal to the senses. Using holographic display adds flair to your visual merchandising. What’s more, it can show off the features of your products in greater detail.

Entertain People

  • Create imageries that people will love when they visit your stores. Animated films that connect with your brand may help bring in more customers to malls, shops, and events because customers find entertainment in your display. Marketing to your customers’ senses will really help you broaden your market base in a way that other marketing media can’t. This is called “sensory marketing” where the marketing approach aims to influence customers’s buying behavior through compelling stories and eye-catching visuals.

Raise Awareness

  • Using them during charity events, music fest and sports fest could definitely spice things up. Hologram display advertising are ideal in information dissemination campaigns as your target market will be compelled to take a look at your content. The visuals and the content could eventually move them to act upon your message. For instance, using it as a learning visual aid to explain to kids the importance of oral hygiene. The fun factor it adds to the learning process could instill your message more effectively than other 2D media such as promotional posters. Augment your cancer awareness POS display with a holographic LED display fan. Like video POS displays, you can use it to better explain the causes and effects of the deadly disease.

Hologram LED Display Fan – How ODM Can Help

ODM has over 15 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and advertising. Our team of professionals are here to help you out from planning all the way through the production stage.

As electronic products need stringent quality control check, our team of experts will see to it that all items comply with international safety standards. We will make sure that all your hologram LED display fan are made according to the desired size, shape, branding and style.

In addition to quality check, our team also conduct factory audits to ensure that our factories uphold utmost ethical, environmental and safety standards. So, speak with our team to get started today. Product code is 2404.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are holographic displays more appealing?

Holographic displays are more unique. They would definetely attract the attention of potential customers.

Why is having a creative retail display important?

Visual merchandising is important because it improves business productivity by decreasing customer walk by’s, increases brand awareness and helps gain customer loyalty

What are the benefits of using a holographic display fan?

A holographic display helps brands gain massive exposure. Consequently, it drives impulse purchase as customers are tempted to purchase the items displayed in hologram.


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