On-shelf advertising displays can be a really powerful way to promote your brand in an interesting and engaging manner. Effective designs, proper execution, and product placement are factors to consider if you want to break the monotony of product displays.

On-Shelf Advertising

On-Shelf Advertising

Shoppers usually are too busy to be bothered by long-winding texts and sometimes get too intimidated with high-end and expensive-looking POS displays. As such you need to find a balance in your design to break the monotony of product displays.

Le Fruit juice, known for its fresh all-natural fruit juices, is just one of the brands that had success with shelf advertising. We spotted this shelf display in Vietnam. Although simple, the marketing display never failed to capture our attention. It frames the products well and defines which part of the gondola shelf you can find their products.

It is simple, straightforward, and most importantly very easy to set up. Below, we explain how an on-shelf advertising display can help you rock the supermarket aisles.


On-Shelf Advertising: How to Rock the Supermarket Shelves

  • Keep it Simple: Your display is the first thing your customer will see. Keeping it simple, easy to understand will greatly help in relaying your brand message to the general public.
On-Shelf Advertising

On-Shelf Advertising


  • Keep It Grounded to Your Image – We can see that Le Fruit’s branded shelf frame features different tropical fruits, a nod to their commitment to delivering fresh fruit juice to every home. Just looking at it makes us crave for some refreshing juice drink. What we learned from Le Fruit is that you should keep your display grounded to your brand identity.


  • Use colors that “POP” – The dark background and fruity colors created a nice contrast that is hard to miss. This makes their shelf marketing even more eye-catching. In this example, Le Fruit has used its brand color to ensure that customers will see them just by seeing the color of the shelf frame.


  • Improve Visibility – Product placement can have a significant effect on your visibility. Customers tend to scan products placed along the front and sides of the store because they are easier to spot. Using shelf markers such as custom shelf talkers, wobblers, and other point of sale display marketing strategies can help your brand command attention and drive sales.


  • Choose the Right Material – Le Fruit proved to us that the right material can make a huge difference to your POS marketing display. They have used a lightweight material so it is easy to transport, set up, and to take down when their campaign is over.


  • Guide Customers – The shelf frame serves as a guide for customers looking for your products. Because the design is remarkable, returning customers will easily see where your products are located.


Our Takeaways

Done right, on-shelf advertising can take your brand to a whole new level. The colors, designs, and brand placement are all important in ensuring that your point of sale display marketing works. As this branded shelf frame demonstrated, on-shelf advertising allows marketers to deliver targeted ads within hectic retail stores.

IF you wish to learn more about on-shelf advertising, do not hesitate to contact our team. We have years of experience in the promotional product industry so you can expect us to deliver high-quality custom POS displays and custom promotional giveaways. While most of our projects revolve around promotional gifts, we can also take on the challenge of high-end brand packaging design.

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