What are Branded Reflective Bags?

These branded reflective bags are not your ordinary bags. They are made out of light-reflective fabric material that will shine when a light source is directed to it. It made of a similar material that is used in construction vests. These are really great as night gears because they can be easily seen in the dark.Therefore, this simulates a glow-in-the-dark effect. Here is a comparison of what it looks like when it is in the dark vs in a lit room.

Branded Reflective Bags

Branded Reflective Bags

Why Branded Reflective Bags?

1. Easily Customizable

These branded reflective bags come in a variety of colors. Prior to the manufacturing phase, our designers are dedicated to personalise these bags for you. With a wide color selection to choose from, we will definitely be able to chose the colors that suit your brand personality. After all, a great promotional product should ideally reflect your brand image (pun intended).

Branded Reflective Bags

Branded Reflective Bags

2. Unique

We’re getting a bit bored of the conventional cotton bag. A good promotional product requires an added value. It is not just what it can be used for. It is also about being different than what your competitors have to offer. Instead of the traditional style bags i.e. promotional canvas tote bags, invest in something different!

3. Vibrant

The colors almost seem to radiate and attract attention. Bright and vibrant colors are attention grabbers. Remember, attention when done repetitively can develop into recognition. Why is brand recognition so important? Simply because when customers are choosing between brands for a particular service, most are likely to choose based on familiarity. Especially because of the unconventional nature of the bag, customers are likely to associate your brand as unique or innovative.

4. Multi-purpose

We can list a lot of uses for these branded reflective bags. Great as an addition to your product extension i.e. limited edition reflective tote bags – or even as a creative way to package your goodie bags in your next sponsored marathon event. Ultimately, we find that these custom reflective bags are universal in the spectrum of promotional goods.


In a nutshell.

Branded Reflective Bags are not your usual day-to-day bags. The vibrance and glow-in-the dark effect is such an interesting aspect of this bag. It is a shame – we don’t get to see these being showcased in branding a lot of times. Imagine what this can do for you when your brand logo is printed on it!

Interested in these reflective bags? Quote the product code #2925 to request for a quotation for these colorful and bright bags. Allternatively, you can also check out other custom promotional merchandise  in our online magazine. We love sharing marketing ideas and concepts with our dear readers i.e. marketing concepts like gift-with-purchase and in-pack promotions.

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