If you are one who is always worrying about your safety at night especially when it’s raining, worry no more with this Hi-reflective Umbrella. This Hi-reflective Umbrella is an invention by SuckUK and is basically a glow in the dark umbrella. Not only does it help you stand out from the crowd and shelter you when it’s raining, it also boosts several safety purposes. The glow in the dark function allows motorists to spot you easily at night, especially when it is raining because visibility will be poorer then. This unique umbrella is made from brightly reflective materials.

Hi-reflective Umbrella

Hi-reflective Umbrella

How does offering this Hi-reflective Umbrella help you company?

Firstly, offering this Hi-reflective Umbrella aids in the safety of your customers. If you offer this as a promotional gift, your client will very likely to use it and ultimately become more dependent of your company. This leads to your customers having a strong brand recall about you and also a deeper trust in your company. With that kind of relationship built, you can almost be ensured that your customers will definitely come back for repeat purchases.

Secondly, offering this Hi-reflective Umbrella gives you ample amount of space to brand your company’s logo or message. You may even consider using the same glow in the dark technology to make only your company logo glow. Whatever the case, it is a definite that this product will be able to increase the visibility of your branding among bystanders. People that see such a product will definitely be curious and take an extra look. Furthermore, it doesn’t cost much to have purchase this Hi-reflective Umbrella as a gift for your clients! They will surely appreciate it because of its practicality and usability!

We at ODM hope you find this article useful and might even consider this for your upcoming marketing campaign!