Looking for shelter? Cheers is offering a complimentary umbrella with every purchase! Simply purchase any item from Cheers to redeem this lovely umbrella! This promotion is found in Cheers outlets in Singapore. For a useful and practical gift suitable for all seasons, check out this umbrella! Hurry down to Cheers to redeem this promo gift today while stocks last!

Cheers perfect promo gift for a rainy day - umbrella

Cheers perfect promo gift for a rainy day – umbrella

Cheers is a Singapore grown 24-hours convenience store. They are a subsidiary of the leading supermarket chain, NTUC, providing many products to cater to the different customers’ needs. A popular convenience store for all ages and found in many neighborhoods and petrol kiosk.

Boosting Sales under this Promo Gift!

Promo gifts are the perfect tool to differentiate yourself from your competitors, which would entice customers to purchase from your brand. Furthermore, it helps in brand awareness and anchors the brand name to customers. When your customers wonder where to buy their items from, your brand would be the first thing on their mind.

By offering a useful and practical gift that can be infused into their daily lives it would increase sales via these marketing efforts. Umbrellas can be used during all seasons, and with your brand name printed on it, this would help in showcasing your brand to others in public. As customers are already purchasing from Cheers, adding a promo gift with purchase can also help to build better relationship with customers. This is because your product is useful to them and it acts like a thank you gift to the customers for supporting the brand for so long. Over time, you will see a higher retention with your customers as well as influx of new customers.

Branding over the head

Branding is absolutely essential. When a company increases its  branding efforts they always sees an increase in sales. As such, an umbrella provides a perfect area for branding and marketing purposes. Cheers puts their brand name on the umbrella to increase brand awareness. Thus, when customers carry the umbrella out, they become an advocate of your brand to the public!

The sky’s your limit. Other than just having your brand name, you can print anything else on the umbrella! For example, you can celebrate your company’s anniversary by printing numbers on the umbrella or to promote going green by having a green color scheme and tips to save the world. Not only would this increase the corporate social responsibility of your brand, it also reflects your brand positively!

Besides that, here are some other promo gift ideas to consider!