Thinking of ways to bond with your newborn? No worries! Huggies is currently offering a marketing gift with every purchase of their products! You will get to receive either a Little Tikes alarm clock that is worth S$19.90 or a pack of Little Tikes floating alphabets that is worth S$15.90. This promotion was spotted on FoxySales and it is available from the 25th of July to the 29th of July. Other than receiving these complimentary marketing gifts, you will also get to enjoy discounts that are up to 20% off Huggies baby care products! So what are you waiting for? Hurry visit FoxySales to make your purchase today, while stocks last!

Bond with your Newborn Today with Huggies's Marketing Gift!

Bond with your Newborn Today with Huggies’s Marketing Gift!

Huggies is a household brand name of disposable diapers that was founded by Kimberly Clark, an American personal care corporation, in 1978. It has since then grown to be well liked by many internationally. When one thinks of baby care products, Huggies will immediately come to mind.

How does offering a marketing gift help to increase sales?

Promotional gifts are the perfect form of advertising for most companies in this day and age. It may seem as if the company is incurring additional costs but it actually helps to save costs in the long run. Every consumer loves receiving complimentary gifts when they make purchases as it makes their buy more value for money. Whenever one walks past a store that is currently offering marketing gifts as its promotion, one would never hesitate to stop and enter the store to find out more. This would in turn encourage them to purchase the brand’s products just to receive the promo gift. Brand loyalty would also be fostered amongst satisfied consumers who would repurchase products from the same brand in anticipation of future promotions. Over time, this helps to generate revenue for the company.

Choose your very own marketing gift that fully represents your brand today!