Umbrella. An essential item that you can’t live without. It is especially useful during the rainy season where it could rain for almost every single day. However, what would you do with your umbrella when it is not raining. Well, here is a dual function umbrella promo gift which you could use regardless of the weather.  This umbrella acts as a shed for rainy days and a walking stick for windy or sunny days. It is especially helpful for the elderly who sometimes require some additional support while walking.

Dual function umbrella promo gift

Dual function umbrella promo gift

Why is this dual function umbrella a great promo gift?

Do you know that in every marketing idea, we need to be unique to leave a huge impact on your target market? Well this dual function umbrella would definitely help you gain an advantage over your competitors.

Firstly, due to its dual functionality it is able to stand out among all the other common umbrellas. Using this as a promo gift, your company stands a chance to be notice by your future prospects. Its long product life and high utility value would therefore be its unique selling point!

A practical and useful product always gives customers a sense of appreciation. They will feel valued and will perceive your company with a better image. Besides that, this will enforce their loyalty towards your brand and encourages them to make repeated purchases. As a result, your customer loyalty will increase and so as your sales.

Furthermore, umbrellas are one of the easiest promo gifts to brand. So all the more you should brand this umbrella. Having imprinted logo on the umbrella improves brand recognition. Whenever, your customer uses the umbrella they will be able to identify your brand. Needless to say, this dual function umbrella definitely makes a brilliant marketing tool for any type of business.

So why don’t you get started with this promo gift today?