Umbrellas are a common promo gift. It has many functions and endless advertising opportunities for your business. It is also a product with a long product life and high utility value.

Why do we use umbrellas as a promo gift?

Bottle umbrella - Promo gift

Bottle umbrella – Promo gift

Umbrellas shelter us from rainy weathers as well as the blazing sun.They are indeed very practical products and customers would definitely use it on a regular basis. Besides that, umbrellas are convenient for users to carry it around, making it very portable.

An effective promo gift provides us with opportunities to reach a wide audience. ODM likes this promo gift because they are highly visible. No doubt that an umbrella can be easily noticed. Moreover, eye-catching designs would definitely make it easy to captivate interest and provoke curiosity. With stunning designs, these umbrellas are an inexpensive way to draw some attention to your business. This in turn improves brand recognition.

Furthermore, umbrellas are brilliant advertising agents for your business. This promo gift can be fully customized after your branding needs and desire. Imprinted with your company logo and brand name, no doubt it will provide free advertisements. This is the best way of creating and enhancing brand awareness. Why? Because customers advertise your business every time that they use these imprinted umbrellas. So all the more you should imprint these wonderful promo gifts.

Pack it in a different way

Foldable umbrella - promo gift

Foldable umbrella – promo gift

Foldable umbrellas are quite a common promo gift. So in every marketing game, we need to play smart to leave a lasting impact on your prospects. This helps us to gain competitive advantage over other rivals. The above pictures are a great way to package your promo gift. These bottles, rose and sports bottle packaging definitely look more presentable than any other normal umbrella. A good packaging gives your promo gift a higher perceived value. And it’s in human nature to go for things that look nice and pretty. So you should never neglect the packaging of your promo gift! As it certainly does play a major part in attracting future prospects.

Try these attractive umbrellas today and you will be amazed by how it boosts your sales and revenue!