With the clever use of giveaways, companies can boost their sales in no time. One major consideration when it comes to profitability would definitely be cost. In order to cut expenses, companies often look for cheap alternatives to lower their cost and expenditure. With our clients and their concerns in mind, ODM suggests these retractable earphones as cost effective giveaways!

Chocolate bean retractable earphone - Giveaways

Chocolate bean retractable earphone – Giveaways

Attract attention with eye-catching giveaways!

Doughnut retractable earphone - Giveaways

Doughnut retractable earphone – Giveaways

Button retractable earphone - Giveaways

Button retractable earphone – Giveaways

To attract customers’ interest and curiosity, companies have to utilize giveaways that are interesting and highly visible! These retractable earphones are an interesting product to captivate customers’ interest. Take for example, the doughnut shape and button shape headphones have very vibrant colours and unique shapes. Children and female customers that fancy cute and pretty stuff would definitely be captivated by these colourful and stunning looking earphones! So it definitely provides an inexpensive way to attract some attention to your business without exceeding your budget. Hence, isn’t this a very cost effective way to advertise and market your business?

Customize these giveaways!

Bottle cap retractable earphone -  Giveaways

Bottle cap retractable earphone – Giveaways

These earphones are highly customizable as well! They can be made in many different models and fully customized after branding your needs and desire. For example, if you are in the beverage industry, you could brand the bottle cap earphones like what Coca-cola did in the picture above!

Why should you brand these headphones?

Branding helps to improve brand recall. So all the more you should brand these items. Giveaways with imprinted logos are perfect marketing tools for all businesses. This keeps your brand name in front of your customers and future prospects. Thus, they definitely make a good advertising agent! Consumers who receive promotional products and items as gifts are a source of direct advertising and are more likely to refer friends, colleagues, and others to your organization and business.

So what are you waiting for, hurry up and start using these eye-catching giveaways today!