Want Want is currently offering an on pack promo. This promotion is available at Carrefour, Zhuhai. With every 1L carton of grape juice that you purchase from Wang Wang, you will get to receive a pack of 6 paper cups. These paper cups are great for housewarming parties or when you are having guests over. They are disposable, helping to save the trouble of having to wash up the cups after your guests leave. There are 6 cups with every 1L you purchase, which is just the right amount to be distributed evenly. So what are you waiting for? Hurry down to Carrefour now and grab these paper cups! While stocks last!

Get Cost Effective with Wang Wang’s On Pack Promo

Get Cost Effective with Wang Wang’s On Pack Promo

Want Want is the largest rice cake and drinks manufacturer from Taiwan. It was founded in 1962 and has since then grown to be a renowned brand that is well loved by many consumers all over the world.

Why offer paper cups as an on pack promo?

Paper cups are great gifts to offer as they are not only cost effective but eco-friendly as well. They are practical gifts which are highly welcomed by every consumer as they can be used for any occasion. Want Want has cleverly made use of this promotion to help attract and retain their customers. They have also branded their brand name on the paper cups so as to remind consumers about their brand. This is an effective way to increase brand recollection as consumers would instantly be reminded of Wang Wang each time they pick up the cup and see the logo.

Offering branded on pack promos that are practical and handy in our everyday lives are what attracts consumers the most. There is no use in offering a promo gift that has no useful value to it as consumers would just leave it in one corner of their house and forget all about it. By offering on pack promos that are eco-friendly also helps to promote a healthy brand image for the company. This would leave a good impression on the consumers who would be encouraged to repurchase products from the same brand. Over time, this would help to increase sales for the company in the long run.