Once again, Dettol is offering an on pack promo. Previously, Dettol offered a microfiber chenille wipe with every 1.5L of Dettol Multi Action Cleaner purchased. Another promotional gift that they offered was an Ice Age 4 dispenser with every bottle of Dettol hand wash purchased.

This time, Dettol is offering a body puff with every bottle of their cherry foam hand wash that is purchased. This promotion is available in Carrefour, Zhuhai. This promotional gift aims to attract customers to buy their newly launched hand wash. There is also a mini wax figurine of a cherry, matching the scent of the hand wash. So what are you waiting for? Hurry down to Carrefour and grab your very own body puff now! While stocks last!

Get Squeaky Clean with Dettol’s On Pack Promo

Get Squeaky Clean with Dettol’s On Pack Promo

Dettol is a line of hygiene products that is based in UK. It offers a whole range of products such as hand sanitizers, hand wash, body wash, cleaning and disinfectant products and many more.

Why offer an on pack promo?

An on pack promo is a cost effective yet extremely efficient method of advertisement for your brand. It not only helps to attract more customers but yet at the same time retain current customers as well. With this on pack promo, customers will instantly be attracted to purchase this hand wash.

Offering an on pack promo also shows that the brand values its customers. A practical gift is what every consumer is looking for as they can use it on a daily basis and not just leave it at one side without once touching it. Consumers who have never purchased Dettol products before would want to try it out in order to receive the body puff. Current consumers would be encouraged to purchase more of Dettol products in anticipation of their future promotions. Over time, brand loyalty would be fostered and this would help to increase sales for the company in the long run.