Great things always come in pairs. Of course, this gift with purchase shower gels come in pairs as well! Simply purchase two big bottles of Dettol shower gel to receive two small bottles of 300g Dettol nourishing body wash. These gifts with purchase items come in a package. You can simply grab a pack and go, very easy and convenient. Read on to find out more about such promotion!

A Gift with Purchase that Everyone Needs: Dettol Shower Gel

A Gift with Purchase that Everyone Needs: Dettol Shower Gel

Dettol, originally launched in 1933, is the trade name for a line of hygiene products manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser. Dettol now has a global range of products in the areas of hand hygiene, surface disinfection, surface cleaning, personal washing and bathing, malodour control and first aid. A renowned brand all around the world, Dettol is perceived highly by everyone.

Why Body Wash as Gift with Purchase Items?

Everyone needs his or her hygiene bath everyday. Although not everyone bathes every single day, we still have to keep our hygiene to prevent us from falling sick. Dettol products aim to provide hygiene products to keep us safe from germs ad bacteria, which is prominent in every single space.

Dettol has now come up with this gift with purchase promotional package to attract more customers to purchase their products. Shower gels are essential products in every household. With this promotion, people would definitely turn to purchasing this Dettol package since there are free items coming along with it. Furthermore, the gifts with purchase items are body wash, which they would be able to use it. When free items are useful and practical, people would definitely have higher perceived value for such items.

Amount of Freebies Matters

Needless to say, the more freebies, the better it is for customers! People tend to purchase the products when there are more free gifts that come along with it. Who wouldn’t like freebies, especially when they are practical. Dettol took this point into consideration and came up with this promotion package. The gifts with purchase items include not only one bottle of body wash, but also two bottles. To add on, these body wash are not in small bottles but it comes in 300g. People would definitely be attracted to purchase this package by Dettol. Brand loyalty may even be enhanced and this would be able to help boost sales for Dettol.