Here is a great on pack promo idea for the food industry- a collapsible strainer. This strainer is great for culinary activities. Every household would at least own a strainer at home. A strainer allows you to drain off excess water and makes cooking even more convenient.

Collapsible strainer - On pack promo idea

Collapsible strainer – On pack promo idea

However, don’t you find that strainers can sometimes take up a lot of space? Well, that’s why this collapsible strainer is a perfect solution. As its name suggests, this strainer is collapsible. This means that you can collapse it when not in use and keep it in the drawer or hang it onto the wall.

Therefore, this strainer definitely serves as a very practical and convenient on pack promo.  It is a product of which has a long product life and high utility value. By providing such a useful product, your customer would feel that they are valued and appreciated. This increases their brand loyalty and the chances of them making repeated purchases. Thus causing a boost in your sales!

Turning this collapsible strainer into an effective on pack promo

To do this, you can brand this collapsible strainer, preferably on its handle. Branding it means you are encouraging brand recall. For instance, when your customer uses it, the imprinted brand would immediately remind them of your business. Brand recalling helps them to remember your brand and increases the chances of choosing you over your competitors.

Besides that, this collapsible strainer comes in bright colours like blue, yellow, orange and green. The design of this strainer is quite eye-catching as well! Being an on-pack promo, the packaging is equally important. You might want to choose something that is more presentable and nice. Make sure that it is transparent as well so that it can easily draw customers’ attention.

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