Coca-Cola is one of the most popular beverage brands in the food and beverage industry. They are now offering an on pack promo of a heat proof mat with every purchase of a pack of 4 bottles of Coca-Cola. They have been around for over a century now and have made a name for itself. This promotional product holds high utility value. This product is also something that is indeed different from what they usually offer or what their competitors offer.

A unique and useful on pack promo by Coca-Cola Heat Proof Mat

A unique and useful on pack promo by Coca-Cola Heat Proof Mat

It is interesting to see that Coca-Cola providing such a product that will be very useful for daily activities in the kitchen. This product allows you to place your hot pans or kettles while they still contain hot food or drink. The heat proof mat can also be used as a coaster for jugs containing cool drinks.

How will this on pack promo benefit you?

This marketing gift is one that is different and unique. Something that stands out and also holds such high utility value. Having your logo imprinted on this product would increase brand awareness and brand recall. The fact that this product can be used easily and freely, will allow people to notice the brand more frequently as the product is being used more often for daily activities in the household. Family members would be able to notice the brand logo since the heat proof mat would be used at home. Friends or relatives who visits the household would also be able to learn of this brand.

To further enhance your company’s image, this product is also able to be produced in recyclable material. This way it will boost your company’s corporate social responsibility. Being involved in the green movement will portray the company in a positive light and this will make more people want to work with you, especially the people who are heavily involved in saving the earth.