Nowadays, introducing a promo gift to our marketing campaign has become essential in order to succeed and get the most out of our clients to make sure they are well treated. There are many inexpensive and common promotional products out there that we could use, but the ones that really make a statement are those which are unique and creative. For instance, more specific to the drinks industry, we could use a retractable cap and earphones to promote our brand and gain brand awareness. This could be used as an on-pack promotion where the client will receive this promo gift when a specific purchase has been made.

We can see an example of the promo gift we are talking about below:


Promo Gift Idea: Retractable Cap & Earphones

Promo Gift Idea: Retractable Cap & Earphones

How does this promo gift differentiate itself from normal promotional products?

In recent times, every single business will offer some sort of promotion to their clients. This means that we need to introduce something eye-catching, with special features that will grab our clients attention. Even though this is a promotion, they will still remember the brand that provided this promo gift as well as enjoy the exclusivity of their products which are exceptional.

This retractable cap with earphones can be used anywhere when we want to listen to music. If we take out these earphones out, many people will take notice as it has a very eye-catching design. This product can be used with mp3, CD, DVD, VCD, and other multimedia players. Very easy to create and very cheap to purchase. This is what we are looking for in a promo gift specially for the beers industry; something that will out-stand from the rest.

People sometimes can get fed up or ignore the traditional products like branded pens and keychains as they have been out for a long time. This promo gift is the solution, a great impact to the beer industry.