Leading soft drink company, Coco-Cola, offers promotional earphones, along with uniquely branded packaging. This is from their recent promotional campaign, which turned out to be very successful.

The general marketing strategy for Coca-Cola has always been to give customers highly visible, personalised promotional and marketing gift items – as you can see from the eye-catching promotional earphones below.
Coca Cola Promotional Earphones

Coca-Cola Promotional Earphones

Why was this promotional campaign so successful for Coca-Cola?

The selling point of this drinks promo gift is the uniquely designed earbuds. These bottle cap shaped earbuds make the Coca-Cola logo very visible. The bright colour and innovative shape are attractive to consumers. Hence, consumers purchase more Coca-Cola products in order to get the promotional giveaway.
During this promotion, consumers receive a pair of promotional earphones everytime they purchase Coca-Cola products. Although these promotional earphones would work on any marketing strategy, Coca-Cola has decided to use it on their gift with purchase campaign.
It’s not only the promotional headphones that make this campaign so successful, but also their brand packaging design. Coca-Cola uses attractive packaging that has bright colours. Plus, they’ve printed company logos on most parts for brand recognition. They did this to catch consumers’ attention, while also increasing brand awareness.
Coco Cola Promotional Gift-Earphone

Coco Cola Promotional Gift-Earphone

Branding on the promotional gift

As marketing gifts, the branding can often be more important than the gift itself. This is why we highly suggest full customization on the earbuds and packaging. In this way, the item matches your marketing campaign. Regardless of your chosen design, you can be certain that any branding on the earbuds will be visible.
If you want to see more earphone designs, check out the link below:
Overall, the campaign is very straightforward and enticing. You basically get what you see. If you’re interested in these or anything about marketing, ODM is an expert on marketing, design, and manufacturing. Contact us right away and see if we can help you with any upcoming projects. We have lots of experience in delivering high-quality design work to our clients. We are confident that we can help your brand grow.
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