The famous Japanese cosmetic brand, Sofina Primavista, is in the process of launching a number of new products.   One of these products caught our attention due to the amazing cosmetic case packaging they used. This picture shows an advertising billboard in Hong Kongs Times Square, MTR train station.

Primavista is offering a powder foundation in a special limited edition packaging. Great for attracting more attention from consumers. We expect increased purchases for their brand and they will also keep loyal customers coming back for more.

Amazing Cosmetic Case Packaging by Primavista

Amazing Cosmetic Case Packaging by Primavista

 What makes this cosmetic case packaging an interesting promotional item?

While launching new products, it’s very important to attract as much consumer attention as possible, to boost sales. The design of the packaging is probably even more important than the product itself, because it’s the first thing that catches the buyers’ eye.

Primavista gave this cosmetic case packaging a luxury finish, using an elegant flower pattern. The embossed logo and pattern ensure that the design is more interesting and unique than similar products already on the market. Primavista are clearly targeting the female segment of their customer base, with this promotional offer, which it most definitely reaches.

Amazing Cosmetic Case Packaging by Primavista

Amazing Cosmetic Case Packaging by Primavista

What you need to know about cosmetic case packaging:

1. Design: It is one of the most important aspects in marketing. To make consumers distinguish your product from the other similar products, the design should be unique and creative. To do this, you can brand your product with your logo, and also use packaging as a unique selling point – as it’s the packaging that will increase the brand recognition and attract new customers.

2. Materials: The material used is also and important decision, as this can be the difference between a high-end and cheap promotional product. So while choosing the materials for your cosmetic case packaging you can consider different options, depending on your aims and budget. For example, metal cases can look extremely high-end and luxury, as they are much heavier than plastic cases, which gives them a more durable feel and makes it seem more high quality. There’s also the option to use anodized aluminum, on which you use a matte finish, or you could even use stainless steel, which keeps its natural color – so can be used to look very glossy.

3. Relevance: Whether you’re launching a new product, or just trying to raise the sales of an existing product, you should take into account the quality, price, design and convenience of your promotional product.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance. We can help you to develop the perfect packaging for your product, based off your budget and aims.