This is a limited edition package by Anna Sui. The package contains a branded cosmetic pouch, a mirror, lip balm and lip gloss. You can find this package at selected Sears, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sophie’s and Beauty Court stores for only USD 46. This is just an ordinary cosmetic pouch, but why is it so appealing? ODM will tell you the secret.

Branded Cosmetic Pouch by Anna Sui

Branded Cosmetic Pouch by Anna Sui

What is so different about this branded cosmetic pouch?

Anna Sui came up with an exclusive design for all the product in the package. This has increased the perceived value of the products. Where else can consumers find an all-matching cosmetic pouch?

Including a branded cosmetic pouch and a branded mirror in the package has made this package more appealing to customers. This is because consumers perceive them as useful and practical. The capacity of the cosmetic pouch can definitely fit most of the necessary cosmetics to touch up their make-up.

Anna Sui has positioned its logo prominently on the products. This is important as it facilitates free advertising. When consumers are touching up in the ladies, they need to take this cosmetic pouch out from their bag. Many others will see the brand. This will increase brand awareness and enforce brand recall.

Attractive artwork

You may not be a fashion brand like Anna Sui, but you can adopt their way to make your next promotional campaign interesting. You can incorporate creative artwork on your product to make your promotional gifts more appealing.

If you do not own an in-house design team, you can always outsource this service. Artwork does not have to include cartoon characters, but it can be your company logo or values. This is a great way to promote your brand or your cause.

If you find that doing a designing process all the way from the start is a hassle, then you can try to use available licensed design. Use famous characters from established companies like Disney or Sanrio.