EcoTools is giving away a promo gift cosmetic pouch for at least $20 worth of spending. This cosmetic pouch has an artistic design and stands out from the array of ordinary cosmetic pouches given away by beauty companies. The cosmetic pouch can be used to store and carry cosmetic products. Read on to find out more on how you can use this effectively as a promo gift…

EcoTools is a brand from Paris Presents Incorporated and a leader in eco-conscious beauty products, most notably known for its incredibly soft cosmetic brushes. They take pride in offering a collection of cosmetic accessories and bath products that feature innovative, earth-friendly materials. In a continued effort to give back, 1% of EcoTools annual sales is donated to 1% For The Planet®, an alliance of businesses committed to leveraging their resources to create a healthier planet.

Their passion for both beauty and the environment is how EcoTools was born. Since EcoTools’ launch in 2008, the brand has grown tremendously with new beauty products and extensions every year. They are a hot favorite among celebrities, beauty editors and women around the world.

Why did they use the cosmetic pouch as a promo gift?

This cosmetic pouch is branded with the theme of EcoTools and reflects nature and the environment. It can be used to store and carry EcoTools cosmetic products. It is also spacious and useful as an ordinary pouch to store other accessories.

Promo Gift Cosmetic Pouch by EcoTools

Promo Gift Cosmetic Pouch by EcoTools

How can a cosmetic pouch affect sales?

This cosmetic pouch is branded with EcoTools logo and is used to increase brand awareness. This will attract potential customers to patronise EcoTools and buy cosmetic products from them. It can also boost brand recall and create reminder advertising. This will increase repeat purchases from existing customers and boost EcoTools’ sales. Customers will be enticed to spend more than $20 in order to redeem the cosmetic pouch. What do you think of this promo gift?