Building blocks are one of the earliest toys that kids learn to play with. Building blocks come in many shapes and sizes. Some of these blocks can be linked to another block. You may be familiar with LEGO who holds a popular line of building brick. The concept of this promotional gift is similar to those of LEGO. Arrange the blocks and you will be able to match up with the month’s calendar! Use this product to maximise your marketing budget!

Maximising 2013 Marketing Budget - Puzzle Calendar

Maximising 2013 Marketing Budget – Puzzle Calendar

What is so good about this promotional gift?

A puzzle calendar is perpetual, which means this calendar can never go outdated. You can always rearrange this calendar to match up with the current month. When customers keep your promotional gift, it will enforce brand recall. The longer your customers keep the product, the more they will remember who you are.

A creative product like this is often used as decoration. Undeniable, this puzzle calendar will draw much attention to it. When your customers receive guests, this promotional gift is great to promote your brand to them. Word of mouth may be an old method of marketing a product, but it still works! This puzzle calendar will increase your brand awareness.

How does this product maximise marketing budget?

There are many ways you can offer this as promotional gift. They are light and compact, which make them perfect to be an on-pack promotion. You can put them in a bag, or a special packaging that will increase its perceived value. Attach them to your products on the displays. When customers walk passed, it may catch their attention.

When the perceived value is high, customers will consider buying the product although they do not really need the product that urgently. This will certainly brings in more sales for your product! If you are the first to offer this kind of promotion, this will make you the market leader. You will see soon that your competitors are copying you. You can use this to show your customers that you are always a step ahead of your competitors. What do you feel about this promotional gift?