Have you allocated your marketing budget for promo gift? Promo gift is an important marketing tool that can increase your brand image and drive sales. There are various ways of offering promotional gift, depending on your marketing strategy.

Promotional products are thought to be costly and unnecessary. This is not true. Marketing gifts is a form of investment that can communicate your brand effectively. You can always use simple products to offer promotional gift. Let’s take a look at how compact mirrors can increase sales.

Marketing Budget Maximisation - Using Compact Mirror as Promo Gift

Marketing Budget Maximisation – Using Compact Mirror as Promo Gift

Maximising Marketing Budget to Increase Sales

Marketing budget should be viewed as an investment. The resources spent from marketing budget should generate more business and greater profit for the company. Spending on promotional product is a wise way to use your marketing budget.

Promotional product is what makes a successful event lasts longer. Marketing events are often exciting and draw much attention. However, how many people actually remember they attended such event? Let’s not talk about weeks, they often forget about it the very next day.

Offering a simple gift like this compact mirror can make a difference. This product is worth keeping as compared to those flyers or catalogues. This compact mirror will serve as a reminder to your promotional campaign or brand. Even better when you have your logo on it. This will increase brand recall massively.

As you can see from the picture, compact mirror is highly customizable. A compact mirror is not a high cost item. With great artwork and packaging, you can turn it into a deluxe looking product. This increases the perceived value of the goods.

Offer this good quality mirror as an on-pack promotion at the point-of-sales. It will definitely makes your product more attractive than those of the competitor’s. This in turn can drive impulse purchases from your competitor’s customers. Spending your marketing budget on a simple product like this can actually increase your market share.

Why not customize  your own promotional product?