The year 2013 is finally here! Have you allocated promotional gift some funds from your marketing budget? Spending on promotional gift is like an investment. Promotional gift has the power to drive sales and win bigger market share.

Not only affecting sales and market share, promotional gift also increase your brand image. Take a look at this product for example.

Marketing Budget - USB Hub Plasma Ball

Marketing Budget – USB Hub Plasma Ball

This is a USB hub, attached to a mini plasma ball. A plasma ball is an interesting product where it can engage users. A light beam will be formed when user touch the surface of the ball. A plasma ball by itself may be interesting to have, but for task-oriented people this product is not interesting. When you add a useful function such as a USB hub, this will please more people in general. It becomes a helpful product for your customer. Imagine having your brand printed on this product. Wouldn’t it serve as a constant reminder of your brand? This product will certainly heighten brand recall.

Why Allocating Some Marketing Budget for Promotional Gift?

Using the right promotional gift will entice your customers. It makes your product stand out from your competitor. This is because promotional products increase the overall perceived value of the purchase. Weather it is an existing product or a newly launched product, promotional gift will be able to boost sales. You can label it as limited edition which add exclusivity value to it. This will certainly generate impulse purchases.

Promotional products are not only useful at the point of sales. If you are running promotional events, promotional gifts help you to maximise the impact. When your promotional events are over, life goes on and people may forget. However, if you leave with them some useful promotional gifts, your events are surely remembered for longer period of time.