Promotional products should be part of any organization’s marketing budget. Marketing campaigns would be more effective with promotional gifts. There are many ways promotional products can be given out. Some examples are gift with purchase, on pack promotion or purchase with purchase. There is no definite ‘best promotion method’. However, it must be a suitable method that supports your marketing campaign. An example would be this drawstring pouch by Mary Kay.

Marketing Budget - Drawstring Pouch for Product Tester

Marketing Budget – Drawstring Pouch for Product Tester

Mary Kay is giving away four different types of fragrance  body lotion testers in a package. These testers are placed inside a drawstring pouch with an attractive design. If you take a closer look, the pouch design is derived from the exact pattern and color of the different body lotion packaging. Now, why does Mary Kay incorporate these designs into the artwork?

These tubes of lotion only hold 22ml of content, which would be used up in no time. Mary Kay understands that no one keeps an empty tube even though it has a nice  design. However, a drawstring pouch is definitely useful to keep other things such as make up or your hair do set. Certainly, this pouch will remind consumers of the products that came with it, especially from the artwork. This will enforce not only product recognition, but also brand recall and increase brand awareness.

Maximizing the Marketing Budget Using Promotional Pouch

As mentioned, marketing campaigns would be more effective with promotional gifts. Giving away  consumables can be a waste if it does not create an impact. A solution would be to make use of attractive packaging to entice consumers to make an impulse purchase. Such effective promotional products will certainly drive sales.

You can manage your budget to incorporate these promotional products. Let’s take a drawstring pouch for example. Using different material will cause variation in costs. For gift with purchase, use low cost material such as canvas. For purchase with purchase, there is a need to increase the perceived value of the product. Therefore, look towards a more expensive material to give it a classy look. For example, you can use satin or shiny PU. Promotional products can be customized to suit your marketing budget.