If your company is in the food and beverage industry, this promo gift is just right for your organization! Is it immensely troublesome just to slice a banana? The solution to your frustration is the banana slicer!

The banana slicer is a unique kitchen product which helps the user to slice a banana evenly in one swift motion. It is made of plastic; making is safer to use than a knife. Now children can prepare their own banana snack!

Promo Gift - Banana Slicer

Promo Gift – Banana Slicer

Why the Banana Slicer as a Promo Gift?

There are many promo gifts idea in the market. Now you may ask, why the banana slicer as a promo gift? Firstly, this promo gift is unique, original and functional. Most importantly, this promo gift is specific to the food and beverage industry, which would be more applicable to your consumers as compared to common promo gifts.

Companies such as cook book publishers can utilize the banana slicer by offering it as a free gift with each cook book purchase. Alternatively, supermarkets such as ParkNShop and Jason’s can offer the banana slicer with the purchase of its bananas.

Benefits of the Banana Slicer as a Promo Gift

One of the benefits of having the banana slicer as a promo gift is to increase brand awareness. Whenever consumers use the branded banana slicer, they would remember your company as brand recall and drive a repeat purchase which is also customer loyalty.

Not only so, by introducing a creative, original and unique promo gift would help your organization to stand out among your rivals. A gift with purchase not only makes your products more attractive, it definitely encourages sales as well. Customers would definitely be drawn to purchase your products as compared to that of your rivals.