We recently came across this product and love it! This ice ball making machine lets drinks brands, bar and restaurant owners create beautiful ice balls in a custom shape. Wow your customers and help with marketing drinks with this unique and quirky product. Click here to see this product in action!


Marketing Drinks with Ice Ball Machine

Marketing Drinks With Ice Ball Machines

Bar, restaurant and drinks brands are in a competitive market, therefore, are constantly looking for new ideas to promote their business. Whilst within this industry many promotional products are simple but effective such as these branded bottle openers. Many businesses also use promotional products like these coasters, customised branded beer mats and branded serving trays to promote their establishments and for marketing drinks. However, this Ice Ball Machine is a premium product, that allows bars to serve customers premium and interesting ice balls in their drinks.

You can see from the pictures that this product comes with standard shapes such as soccer ball, diamond and classic sphere. For drinks brands with a bigger budget we can also customise this product to a custom design. Imagine an ice cube in the shape of a Jack Daniels bottle! Those with smaller budgets can still order a standard ice ball machine with with their logo on the side.


Marketing Drinks with Ice Ball Machine

Adding value to your drinks

Whilst many other branded drinks items are popular and inexpensive, this product is premium and will undoubtedly add value to beverages served in bars. Customers will be willing to spend more on drinks if they have unique custom ice balls in them. Furthermore, this product will also create brand exposure. Due to the uniqueness of this product customers will be more likely to share pictures with their friends on social media platforms. By doing this bars and restaurants will gain free online and viral marketing. Offering customers unique products and experiences such as this will also increase return visits to the venue.


Marketing Drinks with Ice Ball Machine

Let us help you with you promotional drinks products

We have worked with a number of clients in the past to come up with custom designed, innovative ways to market drinks. This includes working with big brands to design and promote promotional drinks items. We have a lot of experience in design and work closely with clients to create unique and bespoke products. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you get in touch.


Marketing Drinks with Ice Ball Machine

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