Often, bar runners or mats are overlooked as a strong promotional product that can elevate your brand to commercial status, gaining mass attention.

Bar mats are excellent promotional products that every alcohol and drinks brand should consider in their marketing campaign.

Bar Mats

Custom Bar Mats

Why are Bar mats an excellent promotional tool?

Location: First of all, bar mats are usually placed at a strategic location of the pub/restaurant – the bar itself, where most customers make their decision on the beverages they would like to order.

Catch that impulse purchase – Make yours the first beverage that appears in front of customers and help them with their decision. A bar mat offers not just enhanced exposure to your potential customers, but also great utility to bars using them in keeping the countertops clean and tidy.

Here at ODM, we feel that bar mats are perhaps one of the best products to promote recognition for your brand to attract customers and get them to notice you. More often than not, they can be your only promotional POS to reach out to your customers and establish a connection with them, as they enjoy their beverages over these mats.

Here are some of the different bar mats you can utilize, some of which are novel and may even increase consumer’s perceived value:

1) Rubber Back PVC Bar Mat 

Fully washable top (water absorbent), with non-slip rubber base; the top is not made of textile, thus washable.  Your brand really stands out with it being in a very prominent part of the mat

You can customize these mats in any colours and sizes as you like and make these mats exclusively yours

Bar Mats

Bar Mat Runners

2) LED Bar Mat

Let your brand glow and shine with these LED and luminous bar mats which are bound to catch the attention of your customers within the dim surrounding.

What is so versatile about these bar mats lies in the limitless colors, shapes and designs it can adopt.

Thus, any specific design, logos or even customizations you have in mind can be incorporated into these bar mats.


LED bar mat supplier

LED bar mat supplier 

This is a simple promotional product that works wonders for your brand – it works really well for bars and clubs with Neon lighting and this really gets your brand standing out.

Glow in the Dark Mats factory

Glow in the Dark Mats

Thermochromic ink could also be used for its colour changing properties.

Co-Branding Bar Mats

Co-Branding is another interesting idea to implement into the direction of your bar mats, inserting two different brands onto them. (See the top picture on this blog) The benefits you can reap from co-branding are endless from gaining operational and financial benefits (saving costs), sharing of risks, increased sales revenue, improved brand image, increased consumer confidence and the list goes on…

With lowered expenditure, your company is still able to get the same exposure and coverage, thus being highly cost-effective. Besides as seen from the CokeJim Beam bar mat above, it actually looks nicer too.

For other examples of Co-Branding, look at:


What makes a good promotional bar mat?

Bar mats are the first thing you see when you enter a bar so there are many, different ways it can be customized. But you should use something that stands out and draws attention of your customers.

How does bar mats give my brand exposure?

There is a psychological logic of sight that makes your brand register in the mind of your customers as soon as they sight the brand name or logo on the mat at the entrance. It saves in their r subconscious and ultimately influences purchase decisions

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