Offering promotional bar products can be one of the best ways to make your target customers to notice your brand. Not only do they provide additional value, but they make customers feel they get more every time they purchase your products. The below picture is a good example.

Promotional Bar Products

Promotional Bar Products

We love how unique this William Lawson’s on-pack gift promotion is! They are giving away five glasses and free gift popcorn with every purchase of 1 (750 mL) scotch whiskey. Fans of the brand will certainly like this promotional offer as the promotional bar gifts are what they need to enjoy their drink.

The addition of a popcorn gift and drinking practically invites their customers to buy a bottle of their whiskey right away. Customers can enjoy this drink and popcorn while watching their favourite show on TV. Their free whiskey glass gift allows people to share their drink with colleagues and friends after a long day at work. William Lawson’s had put together a really amazing gift set here with many great bar promo items.

Promotional Bar Products

Promotional Bar Products

Looking at the above picture, one can see that their product packaging is eye-catching. Their packaging box towers over other bottles, thus making a powerful statement. It simply says they are offering more than just a bottle of scotch, compelling customer to check out their products first.

If you’re considering of running an on pack promotion, it would be great if you can add other bar promotional products to the set. This way, you can increase the price a bit higher and bump up sales in the long run.


What Promotional Bar Products Would be Good for Your Promotions?

There are many bar products to include in your drinks promotional gift set. Aside from glasses, you can also add these items to motivate people to buy. Offering incentives make customers feel that your offer is worth the extra money. With that said, here are some bar items you should consider when setting up a drinks marketing campaign.

  • Custom JiggersJiggers are used by bar tenders for measuring the amount of alcohol they pour into every drink. Made out of metal, brand managers can laser etch their branding on the hourglass container. Colors and sizes vary as well. Take a look at Seedlip’s bar jigger gift. You can see their logo is carved on the shiny metallic surface:


  • Cocktail Shakers: This would be perfect for cocktail drinks so perfect for bartenders. Sure, people can just mix all the alcohol and mixers they want into their glasses, but using a mixer can enhance the taste and texture of their drinks as shaking the mixture helps blend the drinks well. So why not offer your customers a promotional cocktail shaker that they could use at home and parties? With stunning designs carved into the metallic body, your brand will be exposed to many people. This could even start a meaningful conversation about alcoholic drinks and about your brand. Below, is a great example by Absolut Vodka. As you can see from the picture, they had their brand name printed on the body of the shaker. It’s simple, yet your focus will certainly be directed to the branding.


  • Ice Cube Tray: Quirky ice cubes add a fun factor to your drinks promotion set. Now that silicone has become a popular choice of material, you can easily customize it. Customize your mould so that when the ice hardens, the logo is embossed on the ice. Here’s a nice example. The company name is carved on the silicone tray so that the ice looks exactly their logo. This adds novelty and fun to the products you are selling.


Other Bar Products to Include in Your Promotions:

  • Stirrer: Mixing drinks would not be easy without a stirrer. Do consider offering reusable and eco-friendly stirrers to help minimize the plastic pollution.
  • Ice Bucket: Branded ice buckets make great customer incentives for when shoppers buy a certain amount.

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If you are looking to grow your business through promotions, turn to The ODM Group. The beverage industry is competitive industry. Luckily, we have the right resources and and product designers to create the best promotional products for your business. We can help design, source, and manufacture custom promotional merchandise and marketing gifts no matter what your business niche is. So contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How can you grow your brand through such bar products?

With the use of logo branding and the use of the right colours, it can spark brand visibility and brand remembrance.

What other promotional products can my company offer if we are not in the alcoholic industry?

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