Drinking glasses are one of the most widely-used marketing gifts for the liquor and beverage industry. Not only do they complement the main selling product, but they also make great promotional items. Many expensive brands even offer high-quality pieces of glassware with logo as on-pack gifts.

We have seen so many drink brands offering branded drinkware as a gift with purchase. However, this one by Sayat Nova, an Armenian brand of Cognac, still managed to steal our attention. Why? Customers will get 2 glassware with logo when they buy a bottle of Sayat Nova. who does not like to get freebies?

Glassware with Logo

Glassware with Logo

For customers, this is cost-saving. They get more than what they paid for. For marketing managers and merchandisers, the on-pack promotion guarantees increased sales. Therefore, it is a win-win for both parties.

Furthermore, one can see the work that goes into designing them. Judging by the printed logo, the manufacturer of Sayat Nova’s glassware has used the hot foil stamping technique to add luster to their design. The glasses definitely looked like high-end merchandise rather than just a freebie.

Glassware with Logo

Glassware with Logo

Getting a free item also serves as a great incentive for customers. In this case, customers will get two instead of one cognac glass. It literally doubles the excitement and the money they save when shopping for liquor drinks.


With that said, we can say that drinking glasses are the ultimate promotional merchandise for the liquor industry. So, should you hop on the bandwagon?


How Can Glassware with Logo Double Liquor Sales?

1. Unique Designs for Everyone

There are so many styles of glassware to choose from. There are specific glasses designed for cognac, wine, and beer. Do you like your designs foil stamped, silk-screen printed, or etched? How about customized shapes or collectible glasses of various sizes? With that said, glassware can give you tons of elbow room for creativity.

Glassware with Logo

Glassware with Logo

As demonstrated by Sayat Nova, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your promotional glassware. Unlike plain glasses, custom-designed ones can give your brand a better chance to appeal to your target customers.


2. Customers Feel Good When they Receive Gifts

Many people love to drink alcohol at any given time of the day. Usually, they consider this a reward for their hard work. So, receiving a GWP drinking glass makes customers feel as if they get a “double reward.” This intensifies the feel-good effect that comes with freebies.

When customers are satisfied with their purchase, they tend to come back for more or recommend them to their friends.


3. Universal Gift

Glassware is not gender-specific. This allows them to reach as many customers as possible. As such, they make an excellent promotional gift idea, especially for the liquor industry.


4. Glassware Offers Unlimited Promotion

Fads come and go. When selecting a promotional product, you want something that will last and will be of use to your customers. Drinking glasses are always being used at home, during gatherings, or when there are guests. They promote your brand when you need them, where you need them. In addition, people keep promo drinkware for an average of seven months, giving them a greater chance to promote their brand for longer.


5. Unlimited Exposure for Less Than a Quarter of the Price of Traditional Advertising Media

As a marketing item, glassware with logo is cost-efficient. You get unlimited advertising exposure and massive ROI at a very low cost.

Small local breweries who are struggling to promote their products on the shelf can also offer the glasses as in-pack and on-pack gifts. In the short term, they allow them to stand out from the shelf. This is because people are likely to choose brands that offer something extra. The long term benefit? That company becomes an integral part of their customers’ everyday lives.


Bringing it All Together

Practical value, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness are just some of the reasons many liquor brands opt to customize glassware for promotion. They are used together with alcoholic drinks, so they really reinforce your marketing.

They make great on-pack gifts because they fit standard size boxes. When used at home, they ensure engagement because they are sure to be used regularly.


So, would glassware with logo bump up your sales? Then, contact our team today! ODM can help you brainstorm new product concepts that suit your company!

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