You will never know when a custom medical device such as a branded pulse oximeter will come in handy. What exactly is a pulse oximeter? Fortunately for you, this blog will explain to you the benefits of using a pulse oximeter! 


What is a Pulse Oximeter?

A clip-like device attached to a body part, usually on your fingers or ear lobe. This custom medical device helps to measure the oxygen level in your blood. How? It uses light from the device to measure the oxygen level and displays the information on the digital screen. It helps greatly by allowing oneself to know if their heart and lungs are supplying sufficient oxygen through the body. Fret not, the use of this branded pulse oximeter is strictly painless and easy.

custom medical device

Branded Pulse Oximeter

Why the use of this specific Custom Medical Device

1. Intelligent Design & Simple Operation 

This custom medical device will automatically turn itself on and proceed with measurements when a finger is put in place. Likewise, when the finger is removed, the pulse oximeter will stop its measurements and shut down automatically. Or simply, push the button manually to turn it on.

Additionally, when there are low or abnormal reading levels, the visual and audible alert will sound and remind the user about the measurements. 

2. Accurate, Fast, and Reliable 

The branded pulse oximeter can accurately determine users’ blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2), pulse, etc, in a matter of 5-8 seconds! These data are conveniently displayed on the digital screen, enabling users to understand their body conditions as soon as possible. Definitely, an extremely important step towards a much more active and healthy lifestyle. 

3. Compact and Light-Weight 

What’s better will be its light-weight and compact size! There is the use of soft silica gel material on the finger clip to prevent any roughness on your fingers. Moreover, due to its small and compact size, use it to act as your own “Oxygen Manager” in your pocket. Bring it anywhere you wish! 

4. Customizable 

Companies have the flexibility to customize the custom medical device to their fullest ability. Choose between different colors of the instrument to symbolize your company! Additionally, you can choose the placement of the logos on the custom medical device. Done correctly, it could set the company to bigger opportunities and increase brand exposure through the medical industry.

custom medical device

Branded Pulse Oximeter

Product Information 

Material: Plastic 

Dimensions: 58*33*36 cm 

Weight: 100g

Measure Blood oxygen saturation level & Pulse

Low battery indicator 

OLED display

custom medical device

Branded Pulse Oximeter

Key Product Points

Companies that might be interested in a custom medical device such as the branded pulse oximeter will be in medical or health industries. Ultimately, it can effectively “pulsify” your brand performance in a plethora of ways. 

They are a spectacular health gift with purchase to capture the eyes of people. The multiple features and benefits made the custom medical device even more attractive. Additionally, an extremely useful piece of equipment for people who have conditions that affect oxygen saturation. Furthermore, the product can be customized according to the client’s requirements to differentiate their brand from the others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are branded pulse oximeters getting more attention?

Due to the feat of catching Covid-19, a pulse oximeter can help detect early stages of pneumonia - a drop in oxygen levels. Thus, the oximeters are able to signal users that they are in “trouble” before realizing it. Hence, companies are increasing their stocks of oximeters to meet the demand.

Will the quality of material affect brand exposure?

High-quality material products with the visual appeal are highly likely to be used on a daily basis. Customers will be impressed by the high-quality and innovation of the product you give. Leaving customers with positive impressions of your branded products will most definitely affect brand exposure.

Can I get a product sample before mass ordering?

Yes, most definitely. Sampling is extremely important and products will be quoted with qualified prospects before doing so. However, do note that additional fees are needed for samples. Contact ODM today to get more information on product samples!