Due to increased demand from the medical sector, ODM is working on more and more products around this industry.  We comment widely on products and trends we see in Pharmacies around the world – much of this On Pack or Gift with Purchase.  Work with us to Design & Manufacture Promotional Items for Doctors and for your customers.

ODM has updated this post because 2020, more than any other year has shown us that it is important to know the latest promotional products and trends that prove useful for your brand and protecting your employees. While providing brand recognition.

ODM sees a lot of opportunities in the healthcare industry and now offer a wide range of medical items – from daily items to make doctors work more efficiently, to improving the environment for patients and simply saying thank you to our doctors for working tirelessly to give patients the best care possible. In the image below you can find a variety of promotional gifts appropriate and great for those in the medical field.

Promotional Items for Doctors

Promotional Items for Doctors


Promotional Items for Doctors

Take some inspiration from the promotional items for doctors as shown above, continue reading to find some other interesting and customised products we are working on and will make great promotional products in the medical field.

Bottle Glorifier

In light of the ongoing coronavirus situation, hand sanitisers are something you see everywhere and especially important in hospitals and areas of medical fields. These designs are the perfect pairing for your hand sanitisers and is something that tells your brand’s story. The first impression of your brand when customers walk through the doors. These bottle glorifiers can protect your customers from pesky germs while promoting brand awareness.

Disposable Couch Covers

Keeping environments sanitary is important for any place involved in the medical field. A disposable couch cover (couch rolls) comes very much in handy for environments that have to be kept as clean as possible like during a surgery. These covers protect surfaces and are easy to dispose of properly as often as needed. New and clean couch covers make it convenient and simple to keep areas sanitary with minimal contamination.

Medicine Reminder Alarms

I’m sure all of us at one point in our lives needed a reminder to take medication throughout the day. Tons of people need this reminder, this is where a medicine reminder alarm comes in very useful. Medicine Reminder Alarms can be made of vibration, LED lights or a sound alarm combo. What we like about this promotional item is that it can be branded with your company logo or brand. It increases brand recognition and awareness.

Kits for Kids

Kids get restless in waiting rooms and kits can keep kids entertained in reception areas. This is a promotional gift for your customers that parents will definitely appreciate. Special promotional items like these makes your company or hospital stand out from the crowd. It is these small features that keep your customers coming back for more.

The rise in effectiveness and efficiency in medical products and services (and the number of options available to clients) mean that medical companies are always looking for new ways to differentiate themselves and add value.

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More ideas for medical promotional products

There are many features of this product prove that you should have one as well. Having them in your offices will boost your brand image and employee satisfaction.

Find out more about the features of a hand sanitiser digital signage and reasons why you need one!

Promote your business and protect your employees and customers with these branded protective googles as several businesses are resuming operations.

Here are a few reasons why we think that a hand sanitiser packaging will make a great promotional gift for you!

What are the benefits of using promotional products as a doctor?

It is interesting to boost the client loyalty and build a long and deep relationship with them. Giving them a promotional product is always a good idea.

Is there an increasing demand of promotional product in the medical industry?

The rise in effectiveness and efficiency in medical products and services (and the number of options available to clients) mean that medical companies are always looking for new ways to differentiate themselves and add value.

What are the most effective promotional items for doctors?

Disposable couch covers, medecine reminders, kits to keep kids entertained, brain stress balls, doctor’s figurine usb flash driver, etc