Wanting to get a good desktop promotional item but worried about budget? ODM advices customers to go back to the basics by offering utility items such as office files that will be useful to customers and used everyday, be it meetingsconferences or just resting on your desk. As long as there is a need to carry documents, nobody will hesitate carrying a file. Even with a huge promotional campaign, these files can be very cost effective.

Other than offices, files can also be something trendy that students carry around. Whilst we are now celebrating Spring and Summer, this is a good time to already plan for “Back to School” promos!

In order to make this a successful promotional campaign, you will first have to choose the right type of file – Single / multiple pocket files ;  hard/soft cover files ; brief case/handbag files and etc.

Choosing the right colour is essential to better target your customers. Transparent and black colours are mainly for a more formal purpose whereas a striking colour may interest customers even better as these colourful files with your branding will then brighten up their offices.  For other desktop promotional items, please also see: