Leather notebooks give a high end feel to customers

Looking for the perfect promotional gift for conferences, events, as a gift when visiting clients, for education & to promote brainstorming?  How about a promotional pen and notebook set – a wide selection of designs available from desktop to pocket size..

The pen and notebook set can be said to be a no brainer promo, offering customers the convenience of being able to take down notes on the go.

They are highly customizable with a wide variation of materials and designs for any budget. Customise the inside pages with corporate logos and messages to create a long term marketing benefits.

As a promotional tool, give them away in gift with purchase campaigns or as an on pack gift for maximum effect. Logos may be embossed or debossed to help with marketing and branding efforts.

For those seeking a more high end look, foil stamping can also serve as an option, giving the set a high perceived value.

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