Nail files can be a great cosmetic marketing gift, but an electric glass nail file is even better. These electric glass nail files will last a long time. High-end quality, people will use them and your brand will get more exposure. A company could offer these nail files as a free GWP or a promotional giveaway.


Cosmetic Marketing gift

Cosmetic Marketing gift

Nail files are a common beauty necessity. Most people, if not everyone has a nail file at home. This nail file is a good promotional item because there are many transformations within the world of nail care. This electric nail filer helps consumers stay on-top of the latest exciting technological advances in the beauty area.

Cosmetic Marketing gift

Cosmetic Marketing gift

How to use nail file as a promotional tool:

A company in Russia called Discreet is giving out free branded nail files for customers who spend a minimum of 15o rubles. A great way for the company to gain recognition. Furthermore, nail files could be on-pack promotions because they are lightweight and easily compact.

Companies can benefit with sets as promotional gifts because it entices the customer to spend more. This is a clever promotion because the nail clipper set comes with scissors, nail filer, tweezers and a nail clipper.

Cosmetic Marketing gift: Electronic Nail Filer

Simplicity– this nail filer is simple to use. Press the black button when you want the nail filer to file your nails. It is a one key operation.

Safe to use– this product is friendly for nails. Does not destroy the nails or make the nail beds bleed. It is specialty designed for nails.

Design– This nail filer comes in many different colors and it is durable. The glass surface is able to retain the nails after multiple uses.

Stay tuned for a video on how to use the electric nail filer.

Cosmetic Marketing gift: Marketing strategy

Creative packaging– Creative packaging is important because it captures the overall look and feel of your product. Packaging can dissuade customers from purchasing.

This blog talks about the importance of packaging because, Proper packaging decreases shelf- life because it catches the eye of customers who are browsing and customers that are actually shopping. Furthermore, helps to point out which product is which to consumers, making it easier for customers to purchase your item.

Branding– Branding helps to increase brand awareness for your company. Imprinting your brand logo on these nail filers can help increase sales. When people use them in public, other people will be able to notice the company brand name. It is a good free walking advertisement for the company.

These phone cases are perfect for branding because there is a ton of room for companies to put their logo or brand name. Furthermore, the quality of the cases are higher end than a regular phone case. These cases are embroidered, so the branding of the company stays on longer.

Attention– People receiving flyers, immediately throw it out. However, if you receive an electric nail filer for free, you would think twice before throwing it out. Nail file is essential and people will be excited by having an electric nail filer. This is why promotional products are much better than ads and flyers.

Spotify is giving away free promotional items for more people to signup and use their music service. These free giveaways not only grabs the attention for new customers, but helps to retain the existing and potential customers.

All in all, nail filers are a great cosmetic marketing gift. ODM will help you find the best cosmetic marketing gift that’s suitable for you. Feel free to reach out to ODM!