It’s not every day that you see unique marketing gifts. Fortunately, our team spots an unusual yet practical on pack offer — promotional nail file. Penshoppe, an Asia – based clothing brand, drops their newest offering to facilitate a more efficient brand promotion. Getting the marketing giveaway is pretty simple; purchase a bottle of body spray and the promotional nail file comes with it for free.

Penshoppe Shapes Up Their Marketing With A Promotional Nail File

Penshoppe Shapes Up Their Marketing With A Promotional Nail File

Promotional Nail File As Gift With Purchase

Nail files, also called emery boards, are the perfect custom promotional giveaways for those who are involved in the beauty industry. Emery boards make excellent giveaway items as they continue to advertise for your business long after the client purchases the product. Also, these gifts provide an affordable marketing tool for your business. If you want to see another promotional nail file as an on-pack gift, check out the link below.

What Makes This Promotional Nail File A Good Promo Gift?

  • Brand Promotion and Profitability – Generally, gift with purchase is one of the best promotional ideas in marketing. Giving out something promotes your brand and increases sales. This kind of promotion makes customers feel that they are receiving more than what they are spending. In this case, Penshoppe gives away a promotional nail file along with their signature body spray. Customers feel that they are valued hence they reciprocate it with loyalty, thereby boosting the promotion and benefitting the brand.
  • Customisable – Also, this promo item is highly customisable. The emery board looks trendy thanks to its colorful pattern. Alternatively, there is a wide space for the brand to customise; printing the logo makes it a winning promotional item.

How Could This Be Improved?

  • Print a Logo – Penshoppe could have added a clear logo as foreground. Essentially, it would help boost the campaign way better than without any logo or branding.
  • Variation – It’s better to offer several designs for the emery board because having several designs cater to a wider audience. Also, it promotes repeat purchase as it fuels customers’ desire to complete different designs. So, we feel a Penshoppe should have also considered a collectible promo.

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