Every now and then there are promotional products that would make a strong impact on us and our customers. For instance, these plastic toothpicks in a matchbox make a remarkable promo item and marketing giveaway for restaurants, trade shows, hotels, and bars. It’s great and quirky for when you want some novelty in your marketing project.  It reminds the older of us when we used to get matches in restaurants and perhaps a conversation starter with the new generation of how people used to as they see in the movies. Paired with the negative connotations of smoking with healthier product.

Toothpicks in a Matchbox as Marketing Giveaway- Design Tips to Consider

Toothpicks in a Matchbox as Marketing Giveaway- Design Tips to Consider

Marketing Giveaway Idea: Preparing Plastic Toothpicks in a Matchbox

One might think that something as common as toothpick cannot be used to improve brand performance. Truth is, a little creativity can transform even the most boring product into an effective marketing vehicle. With that being said, it’s important to add an interesting twist into this product. How can we do that?

  • Materials: To achieve great results, it’s important to choose high quality, yet affordable materials to achieve satisfaction from customers with a profit margin. For this specific item, the toothpicks are made from plastic while the matchbox is made from 300 g white cardboard. Plastic toothpicks are sturdier than ordinary bamboo sticks. Moreover, you can have the sticks coloured to match the box design colour scheme.
Toothpicks in a Matchbox as Marketing Giveaway- Design Tips to Consider

Toothpicks in a Matchbox as Marketing Giveaway- Design Tips to Consider

  • Design: Choose a design that suits your brand/company for enhanced brand visibility. You may print your logo or brand name on the box for stronger impact on users. You can also opt for a specific theme. For instance, vintage designs for anniversaries, Christmas designs for Christmas promos or for any season. If you need help with designing your match box, feel free to speak with our product designers at Mindsparkz.
  • Message: The front and back sides of the match box provide ample space for printing brand designs. You can use it to deliver your brand message. For example, when used by a hospital or health company, they can put their message on the box to promote healthy lifestyle. Dental health care providers can encourage people to pay attention to their oral hygiene by printing their message on the matchbox. Adding a personalised message unique to your brand increasing the connection and trust an individual may feel towards your brand.

Benefits of Having Unique Marketing Giveaways

One of the goals of using marketing giveaways is to set your brand apart from your competitors in a positive way. Small, compact, and useful, this new toothpicks in a matchbox would be perfect for trade shows, and promotions in restaurants and hotels. The toothpicks measure L 6.5 x W 0.25cm while the box measures L 6.7 x W 3cm. Customers appreciate convenience and are more likely to keep a product if practical to use, since this is small and compact, it can be taken home, which helps further reinforce brand visibility.

Toothpicks in a Matchbox as Marketing Giveaway- Design Tips to Consider

Toothpicks in a Matchbox as Marketing Giveaway- Design Tips to Consider

In addition, it helps create interaction with customers. Using eye-catching designs can spark conversation as people are naturally drawn to unique visuals. When used together with other amenities in hotels, this could help develop brand awareness. Brands can also arrange collectible promos to stimulate customer retention and sales.

As for the production, sample cost starts at $100. Production cost is cheaper and faster compared to other products, meaning minimal marketing budget is required.

Aside from plastic, companies can also explore the feasibility of using reusable materials for the box. This way, customers can re-purpose them when the box is empty and your brand stays with them for longer period of time.

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If you’re interested in this product, contact ODM referencing product code 1932. Our staff will be more than happy to help you with your promotional products. We are here to help you form a pleasant experience from designing, to sourcing, and manufacturing marketing gifts and marketing giveaways to achieve the best results for your marketing budget.

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