Get Emojinal’s In-Store Merchandising: Idea for Small Marketing Budget

If you’re just starting out your business, setting your marketing budget can be overwhelming. But, there are cost effective and simple ways to establish your brand without shelling out huge amount of money. In-store displays are widely used by small and large businesses because they are versatile and durable.

Check out Get Emojinal’s well-designed in-store display. Found in a Debenhams department store, you’ll easily notice the radiant display along the aisle. It features a number of emoji merchandise from sticky notes, to lunch boxes, and prop designs. The whole structure is eye-catching and inviting and the products are very interesting. Using a POS display unit is a wise move as it allowed the marketers to present their merchandise in a visually appealing way.

Get Emojinal's In-Store Merchandising Idea for Small Marketing Budget

Get Emojinal’s In-Store Merchandising Idea for Small Marketing Budget

Here, at ODM, we do not only specialize in creating beautiful and functional promotional products, but we also specialize in developing POS display units for in-store and outdoor marketing.

What Makes Get Emojinal In-Store Merchandising Remarkable

  • Design Appeal: When designing a promotional product, one of the first things to consider is the target market. Get Emojinal merchandise is suitable for all ages and gender. As such, it attracts a lot of customers- be it men, women, kids, students, or workers.

    Get Emojinal's In-Store Merchandising Idea for Small Marketing Budget

    Get Emojinal’s In-Store Merchandising Idea for Small Marketing Budget

  • Easily Recognizable: Emojis have been around since the emergence of mobile phones and desktop computers. The symbols, which were once composed of punctuation marks and symbols, have now become an integral part of our culture. Emojis have become even more popular thanks to the release of animated emojis on iPhone X and the success of The Emoji movie. Because these symbols are iconic, they can easily be recognized.
Get Emojinal's In-Store Merchandising Idea for Small Marketing Budget

Get Emojinal’s In-Store Merchandising Idea for Small Marketing Budget

  • Novelty Items: You’ll find “blowing a kiss emoji” mugs, lip balm, lunch boxes, sticky notes, notepads, tumblers, tattoos, mood calendar, and selfie props. These items are not only cute, but they’re also practical. The selfie props would be great for parties and photo booths. And when pictures are uploaded, it could spark conversation on social media. This could help develop stronger social media following especially among the younger market.

Why In-Store Merchandising Is Good For Business with Low Marketing Budget

Investing in a high-quality POS display can actually save you money. Durable POS display units last long thereby reducing the need to build another unit for new campaigns. It also allows marketers to put their best merchandise on display. A visually appealing setup helps pull in the crowds without having to spend hundreds of thousands.

Flexibility is another good point of in-store merchandising. You can customize your setup to suit your marketing project. Here’s an example of a well-planned in-store display:

The custom in-store display is very colorful and one can easily spot it from a distance. Hence, it allures buyers to come and check out their product.

In our example, you’ll notice that the unit is yellow and has a smiley face design and brand name on top. It’s an easy and effective way to develop brand awareness within a fiercely competitive retail environment.

Furthermore, it’s a great way to promote new line of products and marketing promotions. With an in-store display, shoppers can easily see and touch your product, making it easy for them to make a wise buying decision. Moreover, a POS display in a strategic spot can help stimulate sales.

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