So many companies have found success in using POS makeup display and one of them is Benefit. The beauty company is promoting their Boi-ing hydrating concealer through a huge custom POS display in Boots, UK.

POS Makeup Display by Benefit- Building Brand Awareness

POS Makeup Display by Benefit- Building Brand Awareness

Simple, yet it made a bold impact on shoppers, especially makeup junkies. We have written numerous articles about POS displays and a lot of them are in line with the beauty industry. Why is that?

POS displays allow them to showcase their products in a way that would easily attract customers. The open design gives buyers access to the tools so they can touch and test it if they want. In addition, they are great for both indoor and outdoor beauty promotions.

Another reason is that they are sturdy and are easy to customize. In our example, you will notice that the POS makeup display looks exactly like their Boi-ing concealer tube. Apparently, this is not the first time Benefit has used this marketing strategy. In this blog, Benefit also used a huge replica of their “They’re Real” mascara to promote their new product.

We really like the way Benefit customize each of their POS makeup display. You can see that they put a lot of effort into making their displays work for their promotional campaign.

Why Benefit’s POS Makeup Display is a Good Marketing Tactic

  • Vibrant Colors: Most women love pink, and since their target audience are girls, using the color attracts a lot of attention from female customers. Moreover, it’s the color of their product packaging so it makes it easy for customers to remember their product.
  • Callouts: The witty text on their callouts is also a great way to get your customers talking about your brand. The use of hashtag #concealmysecret in one of the callouts helps expand their social media presence and encourage customers to join the conversation on Twitter.
  • Custom Design: Making a giant replica of their product is an effective way to make people become familiar with their products. Thus, personalizing your POS display will optimize your brand exposure. Marketers can incorporate wheels into the display so that it can be wheeled outside for outdoor marketing or move it to a high-traffic spot inside the department store.

If you’re considering using POS display for your cosmetics products, then we suggest incorporating wheels so you can use it for outdoor marketing. Below is Zoella’s Jelly & Gelato POS makeup display. The wheels on this display are just props and are not functioning. Using real wheels could have helped them generate greater brand exposure. But since the cart is not moving, placing it near the window have tremendously improved their visibility.


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