L’Oréal, a cosmetics giant, offers free travel pouches as its newest beauty promotion. We are pretty sure that won’t be able to ignore this.

Being a well-known French cosmetics company, L’Oreal knows that the best way to promote the brand and boost the sales is through a gift with purchase campaign.

Beauty promotion – L’Oréal Travel Pouches

Beauty promotion – L’Oréal Travel Pouches

Travel Pouches as Beauty Promotion

Let us break down the GWP cosmetics bag in this beauty promotion. L’Oreal’s travel pouches come in two dashing colours; a red and a gold one.

First of all, the red pouch boasts a nice and feminine touch. A trapezoid-shaped bag made from a soft yet durable material. Furthermore, the golden tassels highlight the whole ensemble which classifies the look as elegant. While the red pouch oozes with a feisty appeal, the golden pouch embodies the brand’s overall vibe. L’Oreal has been viewed as one of the most trusted and elegant brand worldwide. Overall, both bags possess the elegance of a loyal L’Oreal customer.

Why do we like this beauty promotion by L’Oréal?

  • Branding: First of all, this promo gift is great for branding. Brands print their logos mostly on the sides while the bag sports a keychain logo. Hence, these bags are a great fit for marketing campaigns.
  • Product Awareness: The bag comes free every time a customer purchases a whole set of L’Oreal products. Since the bag is elegantly attractive, most customers buy the product impulsively. Therefore, customers get to try L’Oreal’s other products because it is included in the set.
  • Practicality: Aside from the fact that these bags are adorable, we couldn’t deny the fact that these are very useful. It houses your collection of cosmetic products. It protects your items from harmful elements. Most of all, it organises your stuff while being fashion forward. Similarly, Ferragamo offers a cosmetic promotional gift to customers. Check out the link below

Overall, these bags are very beautiful that it’s perfect as a premium gift. It leaves a good impression on the brand. Certainly, L’Oreal knows what it is doing.

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