Duty-Free are places where many marketing ideas and promotional products can be found. Among the other displays and wine promo ideas, this bottle cooler jacket by Lanson caught our attention and here is why.

Lanson offers Branded Wine Bottle Cooler Jacket

Lanson offers Branded Wine Bottle Cooler Jacket

For whom might not be familiar with sparkling wine brands, Champagne Lanson is a French Champagne house that focuses strongly on the international market. Besides being one of the Royal family’s suppliers, Lanson is also one of the sponsors of the most prestigious tennis tournament, the Wimbledon. This year, its Rose Label Brut wears a rose tennis style neoprene jacket.

Lanson offers Branded Wine Bottle Cooler Jacket

Lanson offers Branded Wine Bottle Cooler Jacket

Lanson chose an iconic custom cooler jacket as a gift with purchase for its promo. In the theme of a tennis Wimbledon shirt, the cooler pouch comes with a collar at the neck of the bottle and it’s closed by a tennis ball zip.

On the left side of the shirt is well visible the logo of the tennis games, while in centre-bottom it is branded Champagne Lanson 1760 with logo and the name of the wine. The material used for the bottle cooler jacket is neoprene, a synthetic rubber able to keep the champagne cool up to 2 hours.


Why should you also choose a bottle cooler jacket for your next campaign?

  • Customisation and branding: A bottle cooler jacket has a large area and is easy to personalize. The champagne producer decided for simple branding, putting more attention in the design. The same can be done on any other chiller pouch, with a custom shape, colours and printing.
  • Increase perceived value: This article is given as a gift with purchase. The customers perceive it as a higher value as they feel like getting two items for one purchase. Also, a cooler is a perfect match for a bottle of wine, beer or else and hence it would not be bad as a gift to a friend or business partner.
  • Practicality and design: The bottle cooler jacket is in neoprene, a rubber-like material that is elastic. That is, it can be used every time your client would like to have a cool drink, with any other bottle. Considering the peculiar and cool design, this also makes it stand out from other bottle cooler jackets and it will surely be appealing also to other people when your client will use it for outdoor activities or with guests.


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