Bottle stoppers are very simple and convenient accessories for wine lovers, bartenders and wine collectors alike to saver the aromas of wine, and keep its taste ripe.

This is why we suggest this rocket shaped bottle stopper to add a twist and cheer to your collection of wine accessories.

Wine Promo Ideas – Rocket Bottle Stopper

Wine Promo Ideas – Rocket Bottle Stopper

Why use these bottle stoppers for your wine promo ideas?

  • Brand recall. Your user with this can close unfinished wine and put it in the refrigerator or on the shelf to saver. Each time they open the fridge they will see this funny wine stopper and smile remembering your brand leaving a positive and long lasting impression on the buyers’ minds.
  • Brand awareness. And of course, visitors or family members will have interest in this unique wine stopper and will wonder where did they receive this unusual stopper and this makes a great promotion word of mouth technique. This wine stopper style is a particularly cool idea to use at parties and wine/alcohol events.
  • This unique rocket bottle stopper as on-pack promotion is definitely catches one’s attention with its funny shape. So your brand stands out bottles on the shelf among the other thousands of bottles. This kind of wine promo ideas could attract new customers. Give them chance to better know your products.

If you interested in finding out more information regarding this promotional bottle stopper please contact us here with product number ODM-1235 where we can assist in inspiring you with new product ideas.

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