Promotional Wine Stopper As a Marketing Gift All Year Round

Going to business events can give you ideas for different advertising products. Among the trade show giveaways we noticed in the recent Canton Fair, in fact, is a promotional wine stopper. Despite being small, it can be a regular or seasonal merchandise that may help with your brand exposure. How is that possible, you ask?

promotional wine stopper

Promotional Wine Stopper As a Marketing Gift All Year Round

At first sight, the heart and star atop of the promotional wine stopper match the yuletide season. Looking at a bigger picture, though, such shapes are symbolic in other occasions too. Hence, these may also fit your Valentine or anniversary promos.

promotional wine stopper

Promotional Wine Stopper As a Marketing Gift All Year Round

Cuteness aside now, can it easily keep the spirit in the bottle?

Well, this saver covers the opening of the vessel. It is better than a cork that needs to go within a wine bottle’s mouth. In addition to that, the maker used silicone to mold a¬†custom merchandise. This type of material can expand and contract without tearing; that’s why many consumers find it durable.

Benefits of Giving Away a Promotional Wine Stopper

  • Boosts Utility. Metal or wooden caps can react with the ingredients of the alcoholic beverage over time. The silicone that this wine stopper was created out of, however, does not. Thus, the kitchen tool can preserve a lot of opened bottles without changing the wine’s taste.
  • Improves Brand Reach. Your consumers can bring their drinks to any party with the merchandise on top. Various members of the mature market will, therefore, witness how effective the promo wine saver is. For better brand activation, you may customize it with your logo too.
  • Builds Loyalty. People don’t just take interest in companies that offer huge drinks promos. They value something that has a long-term use, and that can be this one.

A promotional wine stopper is among the items that folks don’t think they need until they get it. What’s even nicer is that you can brand or adjust the design based on your ideas.

Show the customers the cool kitchen tool they are missing. Get in touch with The ODM Group to know how to manufacture it in China. Cheers!

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