You are looking for wine promotional items? Need ideas that will stand out? We sent two of our promotional gifts specialists to the Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Fair 2012, read more and see what they’ve found.

What is Hong Kong Wine & Spirit Fair?

Launched by the HKTDC, the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair 2012 presents an outstanding lineup of exhibitors and events.

Wine Promotional Items at the Wine and Spirit Fair

Wine and Spirit Fair 2012 in Hong Kong

Although not as big as the VinExpo 2012, this trade show stays a “must see” for those who want to learn more about the wine market tendancies.

What kind of wine promotional items did we find there?

One of the most popular item this year was the bottle coat for wine and spirits. Check out our video below to see how it has been used.

It’s quite common to leave your business card to the exhibitor if you have spent time on its booth. We were quite impressed by the creativity of certain companies to collect the namecards.

Wine Promotional Items - Miniature Wooden Barrel

Wine Promotional Items – Miniature Wooden Barrel

Have a look at this one for example, they are using a branded miniature wooden barrel! A very good idea: useful and original.

Did you find any other interesting wine promotional items?

Sure. We found this eye-catching inflatable wine bottle, for example. We think that it’s a good way to make people stopping at your booth.

Wine Promotional Items - Inflatable Wine Bottle

Huge inflatable wine bottle

You wouldn’t believe the number of people who stopped to take a picture of themselves in front of this wine bottle. Finally, if they post the photo on Facebook, it’s free advertising for the German wine company Rotkäppchen.

We also found some quite common wine promotional products, such as this carton bookmark. The wine bottle and the information about the vineyard are printed on both side.

Wine Promotional Items - Bookmark

Wine Promotional Items – Bookmark

Of course, it’s not a very impressive promotional item! But it’s quite cheap and could be given away massively to increase the visibility of the wine brand. Nevertheless, we don’t believe that people will keep it after the trade show. What do you think?

We spotted this very classic bottle opener as well. It’s not that original, but still very useful.

We have a lot of case studies about wine promotion on our website. Try so search over it and find new ideas!