The Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Fair does not rely only on its almost 1000 exhibitors from around the world to attract visitors, buyers and attention. Indeed, it has launched some impressive promotional event campaigns to pull in furthermore more clients.

Promotional cooking event at HK wine fair

The Hong Kong  Trade Development Council proposes different events organized in parallel with the fair:

  • a forum on Italian wine, Italy being this year’s official partner
  • Italian-themed seminars
  • sommelier-led tastings
  • wine-pairing cooking demonstrations
Any visitor can participate in these quality events for free.

Promotional cooking event at HK wine fair

After having myself been to the show, I testify of the efficiency of these events, notably the non stop Italian cooking demonstrations. It brought crowds of people to the hall in which was located. It made a great space for more casual conversation and encounters between buyers and suppliers around a tasty slice of pizza!

Promotional Events are a useful tool in company marketing mix for several major reasons:

  • they attract potential new customers directly to the product
  • generally more marking to customers than a discount or minor promotional gift
  • the best way of promoting one event is to organize adjacent ones around it making a huge “buzz”
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