ODM staff have lots of promotional ideas to share from the HK Wine and Spirits Fair which was held earlier this month. At one of the booths, we spotted the following items that can be interesting for promotions: apron, corkscrew and baseball cap.

Wine Promotional Products Supplier

Aprons can be interesting promotional products for wines because they are used in food preparations and occasionally by servers and bar tenders. Having your wine logo printed on an apron reminds your customers of your brand, enhancing brand recall.

Corkscrews are one of the essential tools you need when opening wines. Packing it as an on-pack promotion will attract customers to buy wines, especially if the corkscrew has a high perceived value. Refer to picture below..

Wine Promotional Products

Caps are a rather common promotional product in the market but are still relatively effective. If promoted appropriately and stylish enough to be worn these become excellent walking advertisements for your brand.

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