Starbucks’ Custom Promotional Products and Their Marketing Benefits

Unlike leaflets, pamphlets and newspaper ads, custom promotional products offer longer-lasting advertising advantages. That is why marketers put much effort in creating marketing merchandise that customers will use. Below are products from Starbucks. These products are for retail and are definitely worth collecting.

Starbucks' Custom Promotional Products and Their Marketing Benefits

Starbucks’ Custom Promotional Products and Their Marketing Benefits

Various merchandise are on display such as plush toys, custom ceramic mugs, custom shape plates, mugs and saucers sets, pitcher, as well as bags.

Starbucks' Custom Promotional Products and Their Marketing Benefits

Starbucks’ Custom Promotional Products and Their Marketing Benefits

How Starbucks Custom Promotional Products Create Impact

  • Plushies: Stuffed toys target huge demographics- kids, adults, women and even men. Customers can display or collect these items, which means every day brand exposure without the additional cost. If you are looking to retail plushies, then you will need certified tests to ensure that your merchandise meets international safety standards. This blog discusses what you need to know prior to manufacturing your own plushies for retail.

Everything You Should Know About Plush Toys Certifications and Labelling

  • Custom Ceramic Mugs with Unique Handles, Cup & Saucer Set and Pitcher: Starbucks offer a wide array of vibrant custom mugs and pitcher. These items are among marketers’ favorite promo tool because they are flexible and work great in different promotional projects. They are ideal for information dissemination campaigns since they are highly customizable. The brand gets greater exposure every time customers see their logo on their mugs and pitcher. Check out the blog below to see some insanely creative design ideas.

Home page

This cup and saucer combo was used as a gift with purchase from Kikki-K, a stationery shop. This shows the flexibility of drinking cups and mugs.

Promo Gift Set by Shore City Mall and Kikki-K in New Zealand

Bizaare skull pitcher takes customization to another level. This is great for snack bars and themed parties. Unique design catches attention and develops brand visibility:

Custom Water Pitcher- Wow Customers with Personalized Designs

  • Custom Shape Plates: Due to its attractive and unique shapes custom ceramic plates can be displayed afterwards . When customizing a plate, there are lots of exciting design possibilities. Marketers can either print attractive designs or create custom shapes like the ones used by Starbucks. Because they are practical and are perfect for every day use, you can be sure that your brand gains tremendous exposure. Check out the blog below:

Customizable Plates for Sports Promotions

  • Tote Bag: Available in two colors: black and red, the tote bags look sturdy and chic. These bags are perfect for a casual outing or school use. They also work as a walking advertisement for the brand since customers can bring them anywhere they need to go. Here’s an example of attention-grabbing custom promotional bags:

Unique Custom Bag Design: Flashing and Geometric

In conclusion…

We love how how Starbucks’ merchandise resonates with their brand message and image. Because they are useful, they can inspire instant brand recognition in the long run. Most importantly, using custom promotional products can forge stronger customer loyalty. This translates to increased sales and repeat purchase.

Placing their POS display unit near the counter also helped get the attention of the customers. This entices the customer to purchase any of the merchandise before they leave.

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