Starbucks led the way in coffee shop marketing in Hong Kong with their newly unveiled cafe merchandise.  The coffee chain released limited-series branded marketing merchandise such as branded tumblers, mugs, and a new design for their loyalty cards to celebrate their 20th anniversary. In addition, it also unveiled a limited-edition Lego Starbucks shop.

Branded Marketing Merchandise

Branded Marketing Merchandise

Starbucks is always on point when it comes to coffee shop marketing. The coffee franchise has previously used promotional plush toys, limited-edition bags, promotional keychains, and custom printed mugs. What we like about Starbucks promotions is that they always keep their designs and ideas fresh to the eyes of customers.

For their 20th anniversary, they released limited-series items for retail. The branded marketing merchandise comes in royal blue shade and they are absolutely stunning.

Branded Marketing Merchandise

Branded Marketing Merchandise

The Bearista Bear stainless tumbler comes in midnight blue color with its iconic mascot printed in the middle and “20 Starbucks Hong Kong” just below it. The other custom printed tumbler is available in white color with their logo printed on the center. Their custom branded mug, which comes in a special gift box, features a gold-color handle and blue interior. Printed across its white surface is 20 “Starbucks Hong Kong.”


Why Starbucks Branded Marketing Merchandise Caught Our Attention

Limited Edition: Being a limited-series item, the Bearista Stainless tumblers have high perceived value. Collectors and Starbucks fans will certainly be encouraged to buy these items because they are available for a limited time only, thus perceived as “rare.”

High-End: Starbucks is known for its unique and high-quality coffee merch with memorable designs. They know what suits their market as well as how to execute their plans well. For their 20th anniversary, they kept their design simple yet memorable. They are all high-end and durable. The tumblers are made from stainless steel so they are perfect to bring at work or at school.

Exclusive: These branded products project exclusivity. They make customers feel as if the products were made just for them, making them feel very special in return.

Lasting Power: Such products can be used for a long period of time. This ensures that Starbucks’ brand message stays with its customers long enough to make a lasting impact. Using them on a daily basis also ensures that the brand gets unlimited exposure at no extra costs.

Engaging: The Lego Starbucks shop is not only a great decorative piece, but it also engages customers. Now that many of us are still in self-isolation mode, this is a fun way to pass the time. Furthermore, it relaxes the mind, shifting the focus from stress-inducing thoughts to building their mini Starbucks shops. Why is this a great marketing idea? When people are relaxed and happy, they are more perceptive to new ideas, and that includes your marketing message.

Branded Marketing Merchandise

Branded Marketing Merchandise


How to Succeed Like Starbucks

As Starbucks has shown, celebrating anniversaries and special holidays is a great way to position your brand in the forefront of the industry. Anniversary promos open great opportunities to show your customers your heartfelt thanks for their continued support. This is also a great chance to bring your products closer to your target market.

Branding their products accordingly is the trademark of Starbucks. Previous campaigns show how they keep their promotional items grounded to the theme or occasion. Check out this promotional idea for their summer campaign:

In this example, the bags were part of their summer promotion. It was an excellent promotional idea because the bags were made just in time for the Dragon Boat Festival. One of the bags, a small triangular pouch bag, was named after the Zhongzhi delicacy. It reflects the culture of their target market.

Moreover, Starbucks made sure that all their merchandise are relevant and practical. The stainless Bearista tumblers are surely going to be of use to customers, ensuring prolonged visibility beyond shop floors.


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